Marco Rubio: Globalist Insiders' Water Boy
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Globalist insiders were salivating over another Bush vs. Clinton presidential race. That way, they win no matter who wins. But despite everything Big Money elites could do for Jeb, his campaign is crashing. Insiders know it. That’s why you are starting to hear the mainstream media (puppets for the globalist insiders) trumpet the sudden “surge” of Marco Rubio. With Jeb’s campaign destined for the trash heap, Rubio is the establishment’s ace-in-the-hole.

Mark this down, folks: a Hillary Clinton vs. Marco Rubio presidential race means the globalist insiders have again picked the candidates. Rubio is as much a water boy for the establishment elite as Jeb Bush. And with the neocon Republican tandem of House Speaker Paul Ryan and President Marco Rubio: “Katy, bar the door!” It will be the end of America as we know it (that is, what’s left of it).

As Rush Limbaugh noted, “In the first 12 months of the Rubio…administration [with Ryan as House Speaker], first 12-to-18 months, the donor-class agenda is implemented, including amnesty and whatever else they want. That is the objective here.”

Is longtime GOP apologist, Rush Limbaugh, beginning to see the light? On his syndicated radio broadcast of October 28, he said, “The party lines have been sufficiently blurred inside the Beltway.”

See the transcript: How The Budget Deal Paves The Way For President Hillary Rodham Clinton

Wow! No kidding, Rush? In truth, we haven’t had two parties in Washington, D.C., since at least the advent of the Twenty-First Century. All we have is two heads of the same poisonous snake.

But if you thought G.W. Bush or John McCain or Mitt Romney were bad, just wait until Marco Rubio becomes President: Man, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Wanted by who? Marco Rubio, for one!Rubio is the poster child for amnesty for illegal aliens. I mean, this is his passion—as it is Paul Ryan’s. One billionaire who is backing Rubio is a major force behind the move to provide amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. His name is Paul Singer, and he was also a major force behind the effort to legalize same-sex marriage.

"Singer is the founder of a super-PAC that has the express purpose of turning the GOP pro-gay marriage. American Unity PAC's sole purpose was to encourage GOP support for gay marriage, according to columnist Frank Bruni in the New York Times, 'in part by helping them to feel financially shielded from any blowback from well-funded groups that oppose it.'”
Rubio's billionaire-buddy has given $10 million in support of homosexual causes.

See the report here: Kiss Of Death: Billionaire Who Funded Same-Sex Marriage Endorses Rubio

But Rubio's passion is amnesty, and this, too, syncs with Singer's goals.

“Hedge-fund billionaire Paul Singer’s decision to throw his financial weight behind the donor-class 2016 favorite, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), has sparked fresh questions about Rubio’s coziness with the financial interests funding his career.

“Singer was a major financial force behind the Rubio-Obama amnesty and immigration expansion push in 2013.

“As Politico reported at the time, Singer ‘quietly go[t] involved in the fight for immigration reform, making a six-figure donation… to the National Immigration Forum’—a George Soros-backed organization that lobbied for Rubio’s legislation to issue 33 million green cards to foreign nationals in the span of a single decade. The announcement of Singer’s endorsement highlights an intra-party tension that has emerged with new strength since Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) inauguration as Speaker of the House.”

The report goes on to quote Donald Trump’s very accurate assessment of Rubio’s puppet-status of Big Money elitists who are making—and will make—billions of dollars from a Rubio White House. Trump said, “Lobbyists write the rules to benefit the rich and powerful. They buy off Senators like Marco Rubio to help them get rich at the expense of working Americans by using H-1B visas—so called ‘high tech’ visas—to replace American workers in all sorts of solid middle class jobs… Senator Rubio works for the lobbyists, not for Americans. That is why he is receiving more money from Silicon Valley than any other candidate in this race. He is their puppet.”

Other billion dollar international companies financing Rubio’s campaign are Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, the Oracle Corporation, and the Fanjul Corporation (Domino Sugar and Florida Crystals). Each of these multinational corporations (and many more) are reaping huge profits from Washington, D.C.’s corporate welfare programs and from Rubio’s H1-B visa programs.

Donald Trump is absolutely right: Marco Rubio is a puppet for the multinational corporations—just as much as Jeb Bush.

See the report: Marco Rubio's New Billionaire Backer Top Funder For Open Borders

No wonder Rubio has adamantly promised that if he is elected President, he would keep Barack Obama's executive amnesty for illegals in place until "it was permanently codified through legislation."

See the report: Marco Rubio To Jorge Ramos: I Will Keep Obama's First Executive Amnesty In Place Until Legislative Amnesty Enacted

On a personal note, I cannot help but notice the similarities between Marco Rubio and President Glen Tomarchio of the “Allied States of America” as depicted in the TV show “Jericho” (2006-2008). Both were U.S. Senators before running for President. Both are young and charismatic. And even their names are eerily similar. Interestingly enough, in that show, the newly-formed “Allied States of America” was clearly depicted as being nothing more than a front organization for multinational corporations and President Tomarchio as being nothing more than a puppet for those same corporations. Wow! No wonder CBS had to yank “Jericho” from the network in spite of its huge popularity. Marco Rubio is the living, breathing Glen Tomarchio. And, with the help of Paul Ryan, Tomarchio—I mean Rubio—will indeed turn the United States of America into a Constitutionless “Allied States of America.”

People who think that Rubio and Ryan are going to bring “conservatism” to Washington, D.C., are living in a fantasy world. Politico recently filed a report entitled, “Obama And Ryan: Covert Collaborators.” The report states, “And if Obama had to pick a House Republican to be speaker, people who know the president say he’d probably have voted for Ryan himself. There isn’t a close runner-up.

“Looking ahead to what the dynamic between them will be now, aides to the president and new speaker point to their collaboration on getting trade fast-track through Congress last summer as a model.

“People in both offices note that the two leaders helped produce a bill with bipartisan support and tea-party opposition that the president eagerly signed. They’re a lot less eager to talk about what happened behind-the-scenes to get there: significant collaboration between the president's staff in the West Wing and Ryan's staff on the Ways and Means Committee, along with several direct phone calls the White House still won’t confirm between Obama and Ryan. Those calls were in part vote counting, in part strategizing about how to avoid looking like they were working together—even though they were.”

The report goes on: “He [Paul Ryan] is the one who wrote the Ryan Budget, but the president and his aides seem to think that in a truth serum moment, Ryan himself would admit that was largely a political document and not something he’d really want to see adopted in full.”

See the report here: Obama And Ryan: Covert Collaborators

So, tell me again how a Rubio/Ryan-controlled House and White House are going to restore constitutional government. They are working for the same multinational corporations, folks. They have the same warmongering, nation-building foreign policy. They will do nothing to curtail the burgeoning Police State taking place in our country. They will turn America into a Third World socialist country for the benefit of their Big Money masters.

The national debt has doubled since Obama became President to over twenty trillion dollars. But, remember, this could not have happened without the approbation of a Republican-controlled House of Representatives. ALL federal spending bills must originate in the House of Representatives (USC Article. 1. Section. 7. Paragraph. 1). The President can only propose a budget. It is the House that actually writes the checks.

My friend, Virgil Goode (former U.S. Congressman from Virginia and 2012 Presidential nominee of the Constitution Party), recently endorsed Donald Trump for President. Here is his statement as to why:

“I am endorsing Donald Trump for President of the United States because he is the only candidate truly focused on reforming our immigration system.

“Our legal and illegal immigration policies threaten our national security, common culture, fiscal integrity, and the wages and employment for the working and middle class.

“Most Americans want to control immigration. However, Democrats support mass immigration for the votes, while the Republican Party refuses to fight back because it is beholden to business interests who support cheap labor. This ‘bipartisanship’ leads to abominations like Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) Gang of 8 bill, which would give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and flood the country with tens of millions of foreign workers to undercut Americans.

“Donald Trump has the means and the courage to stand up against open borders mega-donors such as Paul Singer and Sheldon Adelson, who want the GOP to abandon its base for their own financial interests.”

His statement goes on to say:
“Immigration is not the only reason I support Donald Trump. He has shown courage and leadership in standing up to the GOP establishment on other important issues like Obamatrade. However, it is the most important issue facing our country. If we add tens of millions of low skilled and uneducated workers from countries with left wing cultures, it will become impossible for Conservatives to win a national election, and the Democrats will impose their agenda of big government, abortion, and gun control without meaningful opposition.”
See the report here: Former Rep. Virgil Goode: Donald Trump For President, 'Only Candidate Truly Focused On' Immigration

Notice how Virgil wisely understands the immense danger that Marco Rubio’s immigration policies pose to the United States. For example, what good is an “A” rating on gun control, if Rubio turns around and facilitates, even LEADS, the effort to turn our national elections over to a permanent, alien-dominated (socialist) constituency that will very shortly bring about the demise of the Second Amendment?

Plus, remember, Paul Ryan is NO FRIEND of the Second Amendment. See this statement from Gun Owners of America (GOA): Paul Ryan Would Be “Boehner On Steroids”

I dare say Rubio’s enthusiastic and ensconced support for amnesty only serves to demonstrate that his so-called “conservative” voting record is nothing but a ruse for the electorate in his home State to keep him in power so that he might fulfill his true agenda: pleasing globalist multinational corporations that are led by elitists such as George Soros and Paul Singer.

But Virgil Goode isn’t the only one that’s paying attention. The big-government “donor class” is also paying attention.

“On Tuesday evening, establishment Republican consultant Rick Wilson said the GOP establishment donor class must find a way to ‘put a bullet’ in GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

“In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Wilson conceded that ‘Trump is still a very powerful force right now’ because he appeals to part of the of the (sic) conservative base that Wilson said was activated by his ‘nativist’ message. Wilson insisted that the donor class ‘can’t just sit back on the sidelines and say, “oh well, don’t worry, this will all work itself out.”

“‘They’re still going to have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump,’ Wilson said. ‘And that’s a fact.’

“Republican establishment figures who have underestimated Trump since he entered the race are reportedly looking to raise millions to try to derail Trump and knock him out of the race.”

The report continued saying, “Trump has been like Teflon in this election cycle because so many Americans are fed up with out-of-touch establishment consultants like Wilson and their preferred candidates like Jeb Bush and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).”

See the report here: GOP Establishment's Rick Wilson: Donor Class Must 'Put A Bullet In Donald Trump'

While I still have reservations about Trump, my friend Virgil Goode might be right. The Donald just might represent the best chance of derailing the establishment insiders’ domination of Washington, D.C. Of this I am certain: when it comes down to doing the bidding of the globalist elite, Marco Rubio is as much a water boy as Jeb Bush.

Dr. Chuck Baldwin [Email him]left the Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida to move to Montana. He hosts a weekly radio show. His website is here.



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