JOHN DERBYSHIRE: The Death Graph Of Britain  
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[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through]

As a former subject of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, one graph I keep returning to in anger and despair is the one that shows up at the Daily Mail website from time to time, the one headed "Number of Migrants Crossing the Channel on Small Boats."

Source: UK migrant arrivals last year were 95 times higher than in 2018: More than 28,500 crossed the Channel in small boats compared to just 299 in 2018 - as number of asylum applications climbs to the highest in 20 years, by Stewart Carr, February 24, 2022

That's the English Channel, of course; and "migrants" is government-speak for "illegal entrants."

The thing that fascinates me about this graph is the way they have to keep adjusting the vertical scale. This version, for example, is from September 2021:

Source: Migrant Channel crossings reach a record high: Number detained by Border Force trying to get to the UK soars to 16,299 - nearly double 2020's total, by Jacob Thorburn, September 23, 2021

If you're not familiar with this graph, the horizontal scale, along the bottom, just shows the months of the year, January to December. The vertical scale, up the left-hand side, shows, quote, "Number of Migrants Crossing." That's a cumulative number: so the number shown for April, for example, is the total number that year up to the end of April.

Then, in the body of the graph itself, are colored lines: a yellow line for the year 2019, an orange one for 2020, a red one for 2021, and a blue one for 2022.

The yellow line, for 2019, creeps hesitantly up through its year from zero to a year-end total a bit short of 2,000. The 2020 line is steeper, ending that year above 8,000. Then we're off to the races: 2021 ends with 28,526; and the 2022 line, which of course only goes as far as the end of May, is already steeper than last year's. This year's number will be way more than 28,000; some guesses say over 50,000. Time to adjust that vertical scale again…

Yes: the invasion of Britain by Third World opportunists is now at Camp of the Saints levels. (You can still buy  a physical copy of Camp of The Saints from

Things have gotten so bad that even the worthless, useless British government, which would much rather just let the invasion happen, even these flabby impotent seat-warmers feel obliged to do something—or, more precisely, to look as though they're doing something.

Their latest gesture in that direction has been a scheme to send the illegals to the African country of Rwanda to have their asylum claims processed. The first batch of illegals to be thus processed have been identified and notified for shipping out next month.

It's all theater. For one thing, the number to be shipped next month is 100; so even if that can be done every month to the end of the year, the total will be only 700. That's out of the likely forty or fifty thousand illegals arriving in Britain this year—not to mention the similar number already here from those previous three years.

And Britain has a large and busy cadre of so-called "human rights lawyers," all geared up to stop the deportations with rulings and injunctions that will take years to go through the justice system. They are supported by Woke activists ready to lie down on the airport runways to prevent deportation planes from taking off.

British immigration patriots had been assuming that the deported illegals would be put in camps in Rwanda; but that's not at all what the British government has in mind. The illegals, it's been revealed, are to be installed in Rwanda's luxury hotels, complete with swimming pools, outside bars and restaurants, and spa facilities [EXCLUSIVE Inside the £46-a-night hotel in Rwanda that will house UK's illegal migrants: Asylum-seekers flown to East African nation will stay in three-star resort with swimming pool, gym, tennis court and golf course, by Nick Fagge In Rwanda, Mailonline, May 31, 2022].

Also free Wi-Fi, tennis courts, gyms and golf courses. The rooms have private bathrooms and showers, something you still don't always get in British hotels.

In the annals of immigration lunacy, this is a record-breaker. And this, remember, is under a Conservative Party government. Britain's other big political parties are even more devoted to wide-open national borders…although they would object to the word "national" as a hateful vestige of imperialist white supremacy.

Poor Britain; poor, poor old Britain. It used to be a lovely country. I remember it well.

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