The Unbearable Whiteness Of BLM
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I originated (I am pretty sure) the expression "Cold Civil War" to describe the major current cultural conflict in Western society:
 … the conflict between whites who see things like this and whites who see things like that, with colored auxiliaries recruited by one of the sides to groom the horses and dig field latrines.
For anyone who doubts that this is a true description of what ails us, MailOnline today has a striking photo gallery of some British BLM warriors in a recent skirmish.

A group of Black Lives Matter activists including a cousin of Ralph Fiennes, a former Oxford University student and an organic farmer have admitted charges relating to a protest at a London airport.

The group, eight of whom are white, chained themselves to the runway at London's City Airport in a protest at what they called a 'racist climate crisis'.

All nine admitted obstructing a person engaged in a lawful activity when they appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court.  [Nine non-black Black Lives Matter protesters toast their 'white privilege' as they walk free from court despite admitting causing chaos when they invaded airport runway by Richard Spillett; Daily Mail online, September 14th 2016.]

As the headline says, not one of them is black.  The only person in the story with dark skin is  Joshua Virasami, not one of the City Airport protestors.  His name is Tamil, more commonly spelled "Veeraswamy."  The protestors themselves could be Norwegians.

(I mean, of course, pre-immivasion Norwegians.)

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