Iraq or Mexico: Who Threatens America More?
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Amidst this divisive and dangerous conflict in the Middle East, Pat Buchanan's website is running an online poll now :

"Which of the following pose the greatest threat to the American people? China, Iran, North Korea, Israel, Iraq, France or Mexico."

My vote: Mexico—as I will explain.

It is clear to any of us who have watched this immigration cancer growing since 1965 that now the greatest threat to our way of life, our democracy and our future is the immigration invasion. The main thrust of that comes from Mexico. Thus Mexico symbolizes the greatest threat to America.

This current illegal alien problem eats at the heart of our Rule of Law and further installs the corporate giants who have bought our Congress for cheap labor as the rulers of us all. The ethnic lobbies are willing accomplices, along with the bleeding heart churches—and, of course, not to be overlooked, my Democratic Party, which is about to push another major amnesty bill toward President Bush's waiting arms.

The effect in high illegal-immigrant states like California is already obvious. Look at what has happened to that once-proud public school system, plus the use of other tax supported services, along with the gush of otherwise unneeded development into suburbia!

Most Americans, including our citizens of Hispanic origin know this is not the way to go. But neither party has shown the capacity to "take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them." Cruising around America, as I do often, it is clear that every metro area is overbooked!

This treasonous capitulation has gone unpunished by the voters due to a sophisticated public relations campaign by the moneyed elite to obfuscate this unparalleled phenomenon, featuring such nonsense as their pet phrase for amnesty, "comprehensive immigration reform", which claims to offer both enforcement and fairness to those illegal aliens already here, but does neither. Plus volleys of planted media sob stories about those poor folks who are desperately needed because American won't do the work that these new slaves will. 

The result has been real hurt for our poorest and great windfall profits to those who import illegal slaves.

Imagine the chutzpah of saying about these illegal aliens, "These good hardworking people broke the law, but, gee, they need the jobs and your benefits so they can have a good life like you." In effect, the ruling elite is saying: "Feel guilty, you comfortable, racist Americans!" There are no provisions in any of the bills that passed the Senate in the last session that do anything but open our borders even more widely. (e.g. S.2611)

We citizen taxpayers have for years been literally begging for real reform, border enforcement and equity under our laws, are in the majority–you know, the American Middle Class and the working poor who have gotten poorer and poorer as this wave of cheap labor washed over us like a tsunami, wiping out thousands of jobs and reducing wages for millions of others, so the few at the top could get their stock options backdated and their wages hyped to 369 times those of their average hourly workers. Of course, Middle Class income has been flat for decades.

And now the big push to open the borders irrevocably and forever with the flood of immigrants which these other countries, mostly in Latin America, can't handle. How stupid or venial can our top leaders be? Do none of them have children or grandchildren or care about the future of this great Republic? They will be remembered as the ultimate Judases, betraying the last best hope of civilization for a few more billions they likely will never live long enough to spend.

What is our last best hope? Here it is! It would be so exciting to see a band of national leaders emerge from this pack of legislators to stop another amnesty, really this Armageddon for America action by our Congress and a sitting President who is completely at odds with our future welfare. Perhaps it is Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) who has bravely led the fight to make this issue one of top concern. He can't do it alone, but surely there will be others, some already emerging, such as Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and to some extent, Senator John Kyl (R-AZ) whose Arizona Senate colleague, John McCain, as been the poster boy for open borders along with Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA). Show that you have more than a bit of courage, Mr. Kyl!

If there was ever a time when guts and foresight were required, it is now. It is easy to brand all of Congress as unable to accomplish the task of enforcement. There are certainly many legislators there with the wisdom and backbone, some as yet perhaps unidentified, but who now see clearly what is occurring. If they and the stalwarts can band together to stop this next amnesty and thus save our Republic from an irredeemable future, they will emerge as true heroes.

So back to the question asked by Mr. Buchanan's web site: Mexico or Iraq? Which is more dangerous to America's future?

Isn't it obvious? Mexico symbolizes this new wave of unneeded aliens who are surging North from all of Latin America and from other nations as well, some of these aliens bearing us maximum malice.

To paraphrase the Marines: "America Needs A Few Good Men And Women" (in high places) urgently and immediately!

Donald A. Collins [email him], is a freelance writer living in Washington DC and a former long time member of the board of FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform. His views are his own.

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