Hitler's Revenge: Why Romney Failed With Northern Whites
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NB - The Pacific North West was originally settled by Yankee migrants.

(Source: American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America, By Colin Woodard)

Over at Occidental Dissent, Hunter Wallace has expanded on John Derbyshire’s observation

Barack Obama wasn't re-elected by blacks, Hispanics, or Asians, though they helped at the margins; he was re-elected by Yankees.

to assemble the facts in detail, complete with skilful illustration. The Blinding Light of White Nationalism: The American Nations and the 2012 Election is worth spending some time on.

Here’s the percentage of the White vote won by John Kerry and Barack Obama in the 2004, 2008, and 2012 presidential elections:


New York: 49% (2004), 52% (2008), 49% (2012)

Massachusetts: 59% (2004), 59% (2008), 57% (2008)

Connecticut: 51% (2004), 51% (2004), 51% (2012)

New Hampshire: 50% (2004), 54% (2008), 51% (2012)

New Jersey: 49% (2008), 43% (2012)

Pennsylvania: 45% (2004), 48% (2008), 42% (2012)

Vermont: 65% (2008), 66% (2012)

Maine: 58% (2008), 57% (2012)

Rhode Island: 57% (2008)

Maryland: 56% (2008), 43% (2012)

Delaware: 55% (2008)

Here’s the percentage of the White vote won by John Kerry and Barack Obama in Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida in 2004, 2008, and 2012 presidential elections:

Weakening South

Florida: 42% (2004), 42% (2008), 37% (2012)

North Carolina: 27% (2004) 35% (2008), 31% (2012)

Virginia: 32% (2004), 39% (2008), 37% (2012)

How does the White vote for Barack Obama compare with the other Southern states?

Solid South

Mississippi: 11% (2008), 11% (2012)

Alabama: 10% (2008), 15% (2012)

Wallace notes

…it turns out that there is a much bigger black and Hispanic electorate in Mississippi than either Florida, Virginia, or North Carolina. The problem in these three states is simply that 11% of Whites in Mississippi voted for Barack Obama whereas 31% to 37% are voting for him in Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia.

He then turns to the immediately key GOP problem

Let’s do some more fun comparisons of the White vote for Barack Obama:

Texas: 28% (2008)

California: 53% (2008), 45% (2012)

Kentucky: 36% (2008)

Wisconsin: 54% (2008), 48% (2012)

West Virginia: 93% all White, all red

Vermont: 94% White, all blue

West Virginia are Vermont are the two whitest states in America. In Vermont, every county voted for Barack Obama. In West Virginia, every county voted for Mitt Romney. California and Texas are two of the most Hispanic states in America. Yet California is a solid blue state and Texas is a solid red state.

The VDARE.com view of the longer term GOP/Generic American Party problem is of course that excessive immigration is allowing the Democrats to elect a new people.

But that is not actually the 2012 problem. 2012 has parallels with the 1964 Goldwater debacle: weak performance amongst non-Southern whites, particularly in areas initially peopled by Yankees. This of course was beautifully documented in the Kevin Phillips classic The Emerging Republican Majority.

That these people would not rise up in rage against a candidate whose entire agenda is racial spoils-gathering at their expense of course reflects their deep naivety on matters of ethnicity – a long tradition.

But more particularly it is another case of the effectiveness of Hitler’s Revenge. As I said discussing the Obamaphone row

This election can be formulated as a referendum on whether Americans like rich white men. Or it can be formulated as a referendum on racial socialism – do Americans as a whole approve of the use of Federal power to expropriate resources from Whites and transfer them to people of color. There is no middle way.

The latter course would mean the GOP behaving as the Generic American Party.

For that, Team Romney and its Consultants lacked the stomach.

And failed the Nation

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