Help Put Historic America First
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James Fulford writes:

I write to urge you to support (and save America from immigration disaster) because it’s my livelihood—I don’t have any other job, doing this is my only employment.

Here at, we have to ask you for money, because we’re not funded by Conservatism, Inc. or Big Business—sometimes the same thing.

(For years, National Review’s president was a former employee of Goldman Sachs, and the Heritage Foundation’s friendliness towards big corporations is based partly on free market principles, and partly on the huge checks it gets from big corporations—not quite the same thing.)

But even Conservatism, Inc. outlets are underfunded compared to the huge amounts of money available to what we call the Treason Lobby, who speak for mass immigration.

  • Illegal alien Jose Antonio Vargas is the well paid figurehead/poster boy for something called Define American—his money comes from George Soros.
  • Professional immigration enthusiast Frank Sharry heads something called America’s Voice—his money comes from George Soros, too.
  • Tamar Jacoby, formerly of the Conservatism, Inc Manhattan Institute, is head of something called ImmigrationWorksUSA. Her money comes directly from the employers of cheap and illegal, labor that displaces American workers:
ImmigrationWorksUSA shows just how thick the gravy is on the Treason Lobby gravy train. This is a list, posted on its website, of their “Trade Association Partners”:


[Click to enlarge]

Those partners are the Chamber Of Commerce, the National Restaurant Association, the hotel association, the “Chicken Council” and everyone who’s getting rich displacing American workers.

The Circles that they are placed in denote how much money they’ve given.

  • Ellis Island Circle at the top—the Chamber of Commerce is the biggest funder.
  • Cesar Chavez Circle below—Chavez actually fought illegal labor, which growers imported to fight his union of Mexican-American fruitpickers.
  • Gold Mountain Circle below that—the “Gold Mountain” was what the 19th century Chinese indentured laborers called California, when they were imported to lower American wages in the 1870s. This may be an attempt to suck up to Asian-American donors.
  • And finally, at the very bottom, what ImmigrationWorksUSA calls its “Mayflower Circle.”
This pretty much expresses the contempt that ImmigrationWorksUSA and immigration enthusiasts generally, have for the historic American nation—the organic American community as it had evolved up to 1965, when the immigration floodgates were deceptively re-opened.

And remember that the Mayflower pilgrims didn’t think of themselves as immigrants anyway, but as colonists or settlers.

The amount of money that corporations pour into lobbying against American workers is huge.

But we don’t have a list of industry funders—all we have is YOU.

And we’re asking you to support a minimal staff (basically, Brimelow, me and a band of freelance writers).

Please give generously—it’s tax deductible.



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