Thanks To Nicholas Stix...
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...for his post explaining , perhaps better than we've done, why people should support

VDARE is also one of the only sites on the Internet whose publisher actually pays his writers. And one of those writers is yours truly. so, if you think that my work is deserving of support, please hit this link to give to VDARE. Thanks in advance.

One of the reasons why most of the material you read on the Internet is so godawful is that almost no one pays for material. And so, the typical Web "pundit" sits down in front of his pc and pounds out his "insights" in about ten minutes — even less, if he's a fast typist. And who needs spell-check? (That begs the question: Why is most of the material one reads in newspapers and magazines that pay writers so bad?)

But work that demands to be read takes time to research and write. Hours, days, weeks, even months. It takes Web searches; it requires buying and poring over sometimes expensive, out-of-print books; sometimes it takes costly Lexis-Nexis searches; and it may take calls to lawyers, flacks, politicians and victims.

You can read the whole thing, but let me add that this is my actual job. I met a guy once, who was a very good street juggler, travelled around the world to Buskerfests and such, and he said that people would occasionally yell at him "Get a job!"

He said, (to me, not them) "This is my job, it's on my passport as my occupation." Well, that's what you're looking at here. Everything you see that's exclusive to this site is edited by Peter Brimelow, and fact-checked and linked by me.

And you wouldn't want me to starve to death, would you?

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