's "White Nationalism" Symposium
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"How does white nationalism differ from old style white supremacy?" That was the first, glacially impartial question in the symposium on "White Nationalism" that's Jamie Glazov just lured me into. Wiser heads would have refused (at least one did).  In the event, I think the debate was dominated by American Renaissance's Jared Taylor. I just contributed a few witty asides. I see someone in the enormous discussion thread has complained that "Peter Brimelow once had some useful things to say about immigration, but now he has discovered the 'joys' of white nationalism."  In fact, I've always resisted the argument, ably if less controversially advanced by Lou Calabro's European-American group, that American whites should accept that they are just another interest group and organize explicitly. I think they're Americans, dammit. Nations are ethno-cultural entities; neither exclusively ethnic nor exclusively cultural. Nevertheless, if mass non-traditional immigration continues, American politics will inevitably move in Taylor (and Calabro's) direction. Congratulations to Glazov and David Horowitz for exploring these issues.

January 11, 2003

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