Four Antifa Goons Who Attacked Charlotteville Unite The Right Protesters Are Dead. What Gives?
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Where man’s justice has failed God’s justice appears to have triumphed. Four violent “antifascists” who rioted during the 2017’s Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville have died since then. All four attacked UTR protesters on August 12 and three of them, William Corey Lovell, Robert “Bo” Mellado, and Caeden Famiglio were at the August 11 torch demonstration, potentially complicating the legal defenses of men dubiously charged under the “burning objects” statute six years later. They can’t be called as witnesses.

Let’s look at the undearly departed:

Donald Blakney

A black man (then with cornrows) who wildly brandished a cane at UTR activists, Blakney was one of the few Black Lives Matter thugs whom Charlottesville authorities prosecuted for violent conduct. On August 12, 2017, Blakney brained Eric Mattson, of the conservative Highwaymen protest group, from behind and caused a concussion. Unlike any of the permitted protesters arrested for conduct that day, prosecutors cut a plea deal that reduced the charge from felony malicious wounding to a misdemeanor assault. Blakney received a 12-month suspended sentence [Man takes plea deal in assault on marcher in deadly rally, Associated Press, November 7, 2018].

Blakney can be seen in the video below trying to intimidate protesters by swinging his cane like a baseball player warming up in the batter’s circle.

A Virginia funeral home notice said that Blakney died on August 22, 2022 at the untimely age of 56. No cause of death was given.

William Corey Lovell

William Corey Lovell, 41, of Granger, Illinois died “unexpectedly” at home on January 19, 2023. Lovell was one of the most violent Antifa thugs at the UTR protest and drove a stick into a protester in Lee Park. Lovell attacks at 18 seconds in the video below.

Along with his friend, convicted domestic terrorist Brent Betterly, also from the Chicago area, Lovell assaulted Harold Rhodes Sloke by slamming him with a motorcycle helmet:

Lovell also joined the mob beatdown of UTR protester Daniel Ferguson, which led to a police investigation [Police release photos of 10 suspects wanted in assault on day of Charlottesville rally, Associated Press, WEARTV, October 23, 2017]. Ferguson told me that police called him several times but inexplicably dropped the case. Very possibly, prosecutors might have thought convicting Lovell and the mob would be impossible because he made a Nazi salute before the beating, and that a jury in Leftist Charlottesville would never punish someone who “punched a Nazi.”

Robert “Bo” Mellado

Robert “Bo” Mellado, 28, of Springfield, Illinois (center), died on July 25, 2022. Like Lovell, he died young and in the safety of his own home. Make of that what you will. Like the other dead anti-UTR militants, he was a violent goon at the rally and attacked someone. About three minutes into the video, he sucker punches a protester named Tristan Bass:

Caeden “Koda” Famiglio

Caeden Famiglio of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (far left), also died recently, date unknown. Information on his departure from this mortal coil is limited because he was a train-hopping hobo living off the grid. The Anarchist Federation’s story about his “nomadic” life suggests that he died sometime last summer [RIP Caeden “Kota” (or “Koda”) Famiglio, Anarchist News, July 23, 2023]. A post at Squat the Planet on July 27 says he died “recently.” He was young and no cause of death was given. Watch Famiglio briefly fire pepper spray into a crowd of Confederate flag-bearing protesters about 15 seconds into the video below.

The great mystery is, of course, how or why these men died. We have no news bulletins, or any information whatsoever, because these dirty tramps lived aimless, undistinguished lives. We can, however, speculate, albeit somewhat wildly.


If these had been run of the mill murders, they would have made the news. If you want to go the conspiratorial route, you could posit that the same federal officials who refused to prosecute these street terrorists for their crimes snuffed them out to keep the truth about what happened in Charlottesville hidden from the public. 

Verdict: Salacious and intriguing but unlikely.

COVID Vaccine Deaths

As card-carrying communist fanatics, all of these men likely took a COVID vaccine and myriad “boosters.” Many left-wing athletes and celebrities have dropped dead in their prime after taking the vaccine, which has been linked to myocarditis by the American College of Cardiology and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

According to the ACC, myocarditis is “most common in young men and resolves spontaneously in at least half of patients, but may lead to dilated cardiomyopathy, heart transplantation, or death in up to a quarter of cases.”

Verdict: Controversial, but definitely possible. Read more about myocarditis after receiving the vaccine here [COVID-19 Vaccines and Myocarditis: An Overview of Current Evidence, by Altijana Hromić-Jahjefendić, et al., Biomedicines, May 17, 2023].

Drug Overdose

Drug overdose is a common cause of death in the left-wing counter cultural scene, where rates of serious drug abuse for the deadliest drugs—heroin, crack, ketamine, and methamphetamine—is extremely high. As a former Leftist familiar with these people, I can tell you that drug abuse is rampant among them.

Verdict: Fits the profile of Antifa gutter punks and unstable black hobos like Donald Blakney. Very likely.

Normal Heart Attack

This cause of death would be possible considering the obesity of Blakney, Mellado, and Famiglio [Obesity, Mayo Clinic]. Blakney died young but at an age at which health complications like heart problems are more common. Lovell is unlikely to have died this way unless he had a preexisting medical condition.

Verdict: Possible. Medium likelihood.

Do you have your own theories about why so many of these men are dying? Send me your theories on social media or by email.

Jason Kessler (email him) is a journalist and civil rights activist. He was the permit holder for the 2017 Unite The Right Charlottesville rally, which was notoriously mugged by elected, uniformed, judicial, paramilitary and media DemocratsHe has had bylines in, Daily Caller (which has deleted his archive in a fit of cowardice), and the now-defunct GotNews as well as on his own site Follow him on TelegramGaband Twitter. Subscribe to his news and opinion show ‘Happenings’ on Odysee and Bitchute.

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