A Reader Reports That The Punching "Victim" At Berkeley Wanted To Collect "100 Nazi Scalps"
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Re: James Fulford's post Nathan Damigo And The Woman With The Weaponized Glove

From: An Observant Reader [Email him]

I always enjoy James Fulford's posts. Here's a little more on the antifa girl.

She posted about going to Berkeley to bring back "100 Nazi scalps" (see attached picture.)

She is also allegedly a hairy fetish model going by the name of Venus Rosales at ATKHairy. There are plenty of photos of this but I refuse to foul your inbox with them.  I had never heard of this perversion.

James Fulford writes: Our normal careful policy of adding careful links to everything stops at whatever ATKHairy is. The curious can operate Google at their own risk. I'll note that one reader linked to an interview with the same woman, with close of glove and masked face, which seemed to show the glove was not specially weaponized, but just an ordinary leather glove worn on her punching hand—by a masked anarchist, during a riot in the California heat.


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