Even Weatherman Al Roker Says That NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio is Incompetent—but De Blasio’s Incompetence Is Really Anti-White Animus
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It’s unusual for notoriously pragmatic media mogul Rupert Murdoch, a resident of New York City, to burn a bridge like this:

But, to borrow from Casey Stengel, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio is amazin.’

In their 1962 maiden season, the New York Mets were the worst team in big league history. The team went 40-120, a record for futility that still stands. Someone asked Mets manager Casey Stengel to describe his team. In classic Stengelese, Casey lamented, “They’re amazin.’”

The Mets were trying hard to win, but they were awful. Mayor de Blasio, by contrast, is trying to lose. His incompetence is the expression of his racial hatred. He hates productive whites and Asians, and loves deadbeat and criminal blacks and Hispanics.

  • Weathergate

I’ve lived in New York City since 1985, and this is the worst winter that I or anyone I know has seen here. With 57 inches so far, the snowfall has already more than quadrupled the annual average of 13.4 inches, but the real problem has been the bitter cold. Most winters, New York has no days with wind chill factors around zero or below, but this year we’ve had several such school days since New Year’s.

In a city with functioning services and a mayor who cared about its citizens, such problems could be managed.

But New York is not such a city.

Like hundreds of thousands of city parents, I have kept my son home from school five times since January 3, based on the weather and the lack of reliable transportation. Only once (January 3) has de Blasio closed the schools, and that was only after dithering until after parents had already had to decide on their own what to do. During their first 30 school days in office, he and his schools chancellor Carmen Farina screwed up five times.

All but one of the five times Gov. Cuomo declared a state of emergency, Mayor de Blasio ignored him and kept the city’s schools open. Each time, hundreds of irate parents criticized de Blasio at the schools’ Facebook pages.

On Thursday, February 13, another snow storm hit. Yet again, de Blasio ignored the forecasters and Gov. Cuomo, who had declared another state of emergency, and kept the schools open.

A little before noon that day, at de Blasio and his schools chancellor, Carmen Farina’s press conference, de Blasio asserted that National Weather Service had wrongly forecast only two-three inches of snow. (The National Weather Service ate my homework?)

Chancellor Farina notoriously declared,

[A]s snow and freezing rain fell outside…“It’s absolutely a beautiful day out there right now.”

[Clueless schools chief: ‘It’s a beautiful day’ by Bob Fredericks and Yoav Gonen, New York Post, February 13, 2014.]

All of the local weathermen—whom de Blasio staffers constantly watch—had predicted up to 10 inches of snow over 24 hours earlier.

Weatherman Al Roker, a New York institution for 30 years, tweeted from the Sochi Olympics at 8:43 that morning:

De Blasio countered that Roker should stick to weather. Roker responded,

 [Al Roker & de Blasio in Twitter feud over snow (Original title: “Al Roker blasts de Blasio over snow casting”) by David K. Li, New York Post, February 13, 2014.]

On WPIX11, a very diverse station that is usually pro-de Blasio, anchors Kori Chambers (black) and Suki Krishnan (Indian) were laughing at de Blasio all morning.

After the press conference, a little after noon, Kori Chambers said, “If you were looking to see Mayor de Blasio apologize, you were watching the wrong press conference.”

A black resident named Sahara, who lived in Harlem and had made the mistake of listening to de Blasio, reported having two near accidents driving his little one to school with no traction on impassable city streets.

During their February 5 press conference, de Blasio/Farina revealed the motivation behind their incompetence: the schools have to be open, in order to provide babysitting and hot breakfasts and lunches to the children of unwed black and Hispanic women.

Most New York City public schools long ago ceased functioning as educational institutions.

  • Crimegate:

De Blasio, who had ran a race-baiting campaign promising to end Stop and Frisk, made it clear both before and after the election that he is the black male felon’s best friend. However, before his inauguration he hired Rudy Giuliani’s first police commissioner (1994-1996), William Bratton, to run the NYPD.

During the mid-1990s, Bratton got all the credit for allegedly radically reducing crime in New York via aggressively policing quality-of-life infractions, like public urination and turnstile jumping, and was heralded by the Main Stream Media as “America’s Top Cop.” As I have shown repeatedly since 1996, the crime reduction was fraudulent, and was based on fake crime stats—besides which, it was Bratton’s predecessor and successor, Ray Kelly, who had started the bipartisan fakestat practice.

Between hitches in New York, Bratton ran the LAPD, where his main innovation was to expand the city’s illegal alien sanctuary policies. He violated illegal alien-friendly Standing Order 40, by not permitting cops to inquire after suspects’ immigration status, even after the latter had been arrested for non-immigration offenses, and he ceded sovereignty over increasingly large swaths of the city to illegal alien gangs, so that most people living under the gangs’ jurisdiction would not report crimes to the police, and Bratton could pose as having yet again reduced crime.

Bratton and de Blasio have spoken out of both sides of their mouths so much regarding Stop And Frisk and other policing issues that it is impossible to know what their official or unofficial policies are.

  • Pastorgate

On February 10, Panama-born Bishop Orlando Findlayter, a member of Mayor de Blasio’s inauguration committee, was pulled over for turning without signaling, while driving his luxury 2012 Lincoln. He was also driving on a suspended license. A routine warrant check showed that Findlayter had been arrested the previous October for breaking the law at demonstrations demanding amnesty for illegal aliens, had skipped out on his court dates, and there were two outstanding warrants out on him. The officer arrested the Bishop, who called a crony, who called the Mayor, who got the NYPD to release Findlayter, and Judge Steven Statsinger to throw out all outstanding charges.

De Blasio’s transparent cover story was that he had only called the police “to get clarification.” The NYPD lied both about de Blasio’s role, and about its own rules. But the public got the message: “activist” black preachers are above the law. The New York media called the story “A Jail of Two Cities.” [Mayor de Blasio calls a top cop after pal arrested—and then the friend is freed by Tina Moore, Jennifer Fermino and Bill Hutchinson, New York Daily News, February 12, 2014

  • Speedingate

It’s another tale of two cities—one set of traffic rules for Mayor de Blasio, and one for the rest of us.

Just two days after de Blasio announced a sweeping plan to crack down on dangerous driving, an SUV with the mayor riding shotgun ran stop signs, changed lanes without signaling and flouted the speed limit….

If a driver had been ticketed for all the violations, he would have racked up 13 points on his license—more than the 11 that trigger a suspension, Channel 2’s Marcia Kramer reported.

[Mayor de Blasio's SUV caught on camera running two stop signs and speeding just days after he announced crackdown on dangerous driving by Erin Durkin, New York Daily News February 21, 2014]

Commissioner Bratton covered for the Mayor and his policeman-driver. De Blasio had pledged to abide by his own draconian safety program, but his hypocrisy exposed the program as a revenue-generating scam targeting civilians. [NYPD Decides Whether Motorcade Speeds, de Blasio Says By Henry Goldman, Bloomberg News, February 21, 2014]

  • Pre-Kgate 

De Blasio demanded that Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo pass a new tax to fund “universal pre-K.” De Blasio wants all New York City residents earning over $500,000 per year, whom he assumes to be predominantly white, to pay yet another tax, to fund this new boondoggle.

Cuomo aims to make New York a low-tax state. He offered instead to pay for universal pre-K without raising taxes, which would entail raiding vital services to pay for a program that has been repeatedly shown to be of negative cognitive value, and which exists solely as a multibillion-dollar babysitting and job mill for unwed black and Hispanic mothers. Conversely, Chancellor Farina was not above spreading racial fairy tales on behalf of pre-K, testifying before the City Council:

“The grade at which we look at incarceration in the future is third grade. Third-grade reading scores nationally are the grade by which jails are chosen to be built.”

[Carmen Fariña’s mythical case for Pre-K by Seth Barron, New York Post, February 14, 2014.]

De Blasio rejected Cuomo’s offer, and is adamant about raising taxes. For the Mayor, harming whites is Job One. He is starting all-day daycare, er, pre-K, for four-year-olds next fall. The wealthy are already fleeing.

  • Housing-gate

De Blasio has declared he wants to build massive, skyscraper-high, “affordable housing.” [“Sky’s the Limit: Mayor de Blasio says he would OK affordable housing buildings at any size,” by Matt Chaban and Jennifer Fermino, NY Daily News, February 20, 2014] 

That’s a racial code phrase for taking city-owned property which could be sold to developers to build overpriced apartment complexes that would continually generate money for the city’s coffers, and instead building housing at white and Asian net taxpayers’ expense, to be rented way-below-market rates to black and Hispanic deadbeats, which would be an eternal drain on the city.

  • Healthcaregate

“In a concession to the university, which has said that the hospital’s losses threaten the entire state university system, SUNY would be allowed to withdraw from operating [Long Island College Hospital—LICH] by sometime in May….

“The settlement ends a year of litigation over the hospital, which SUNY’s board first voted to close last February. SUNY officials say that it has been losing $13 million a month.” [Deal Reached on Litigation Over Long Island College Hospital by Anemona Hartocollis, New York Times, Feb. 20, 2014.]

One little hospital serving deadbeat blacks and Hispanics in Brooklyn threatens to bring down the entire, 65-campus State University of New York system.

On February 21, de Blasio held a press conference, heralding the “settlement” with SUNY, to keep LICH open.

He said that for the first time, the hospital would be run for the sake of “healthcare,” instead of “profits.” But it’s been under SUNY’s control for years. Since when is SUNY a “greedy corporation”?

At the press conference, de Blasio announced that whoever operates LICH would have to pay 25 percent—what’s 25 percent of nothing?—off the top to a non-profit.

When I moved to the Rockaways in 1994, two hospitals served 100,000 residents. Now there are 130,000 residents. Peninsula Hospital was shut down in 2012, and the area’s last hospital, St. John’s Episcopal, is on the brink of collapse. I predict that the settlemet will collapse and  LICH will eventually be sold to a developer.

De Blasio’s racial socialist vision of “healthcare” is of a job mill for unqualified, malingering blacks and Hispanics, and a source of free, luxurious treatment for deadbeat black and Hispanic patients, with “rich” whites picking up the tab, and being pauperized in the bargain.

In the real world, the people with money will leave town, and one hospital after another will be padlocked and sold off for the property it stands on.

  • Worse than Obamacare

While Obamacare mandates that employers with 50 employees must give them five paid sick days per year, De Blasio is imposing that onus on businesses with only five workers.  [ Mayor de Blasio, Speaker Mark-Viverito moving forward with paid sick leave bill,  by Erin Durkin, Daily News, January 17, 2014]

  • Amnestygate 

Finally, de Blasio seeks to undertake a stealth mass amnesty for at least 500,000 illegal aliens by issuing them a city ID card that would illegally grant them services, and permit them to vote in local elections, thereby assuring New York’s utter collapse into a cross between Sao Paulo, Johannesburg, and Detroit.  [ De Blasio Proposes Municipal ID Card Regardless of Immigration Status,  by Arlene Borenstein, NY 1, February 10, 2014]

New Yorkers can only hope that Al Roker’s political forecast proves prescient.

Nicholas Stix [email him] is a New York City-based journalist and researcher, much of whose work focuses on the nexus of race, crime, and education. He spent much of the 1990s teaching college in New York and New Jersey. His work has appeared in Chronicles, The New York Post, Weekly Standard, Daily News, New York Newsday, American Renaissance, Academic Questions, Ideas on Liberty and many other publications. Stix was the project director and principal author of the NPI report, The State of White America-2007. He blogs at Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.

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