Duke U Or Dupe U? Noose Hate Hoax Perp Probably Asian, But Administration Won't Say
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Duke University working itself up to another Hate Hysteria, this time targeting its own Professor Jerry Hough, a white, 80-year-old Obama-voting liberal who dared to post a dissent to a New York Times editorial megaphoning the Main Stream Media/ Minority Occupation Government Narrative of the Baltimore riots. Recycling this story in the usual uncritical way, the Raleigh News-Observer’s Jane Stancil [Email her] wrote: “The situation comes a few weeks after a Duke student hung a noose from a tree, prompting outrage. The student left the campus but issued an apology and will return to Duke in the fall.” [Duke professor responds to criticism about his comments on African Americans, May 15 2015].

Which raises the question—yeah, whatever happened to that story?

Remember? At 2 a.m. on April Fool’s Day, an activist from Duke University’s black nationalist Black Student Alliance (BSA) looked out at the campus’ Bryan Center Plaza, and saw a primitive noose hanging over a table. That was the beginning of the Great 2015 Duke Noose Hate Hoax.

At first, everyone followed the standard campus hoax crime script: rallies, administration denunciations; tenured professors oozing animosity against whites and, especially, white men; BSA demands that the university fulfill the handy set of demands that it had already made for still more black racial privilege; and credulous, coast-to-coast Main Stream Media coverage.

Duke President Richard Brodhead [Email him] and Provost Sally Kornbluth [Email her] sent a hyperventilating email to students, faculty and staff summoning them to a Maoist-style public “forum” that very day:

Our campus has been jolted over the past few weeks by several racial incidents, including a report of hateful speech directed at students on East Campus and, early this morning, the discovery of a noose on the Bryan Center Plaza. As individuals, and as a university, we deplore these actions in the strongest possible terms. Today we ask you to help us demonstrate to our African-American students, faculty and staff, and indeed the world, our solidarity and unity in the face of cowardly acts of hatred by attending a university-wide forum at 5:00 in front of Duke Chapel. The two of us, along with students and faculty, will give voice to our concerns and show the community that can come together at this challenging time. We hope you will join us.

At the April Fool’s Day rally, Brodhead and every other speaker announced that they hated hate, and were tolerant persons who had zero tolerance for intolerance.

Vice President of Student Affairs Larry Moneta immediately e-mailed this portentous statement to all Duke students:

To whomever committed this hateful and stupid act, I just want to say that if your intent was to create fear, it will have the opposite effect. Today, fear will be among the reactions students, and especially, students of color, will have. Be assured that the Duke community will provide all the support necessary to help us all get through this. In time, each of these cowardly acts of bias and hatred will strengthen our resolve to love and support each other.

Appropriate investigations are underway and if we’re able to identify any responsible for committing this act of intimidation, they will be held fully accountable.

(Updated at 12:45 p.m., April 1) Duke Investigating Incident Involving a Noose on Bryan Center Plaza, Duke Today press release, April 1, 2015.

The incident got coast-to-coast saturation coverage from the MSM from April 1 through April 3. A tweet from WRAL’s black female anchor Michelle Marsh: michellemarsh

Then all MSM coverage stopped dead.


On April 2, Duke had announced that it had determined the identity of the nooser. But it refused to release his identity—“consistent with federal law (FERPA) that protects the privacy of educational records”—and merely said that he “was no longer on campus” (i.e. not expelled) Duke Student Admits Responsibility for Noose Incident, Authorities Say, Duke Today press release, April 2, 2015.

Still, Brodhead, Kornbluth, and Moneta did not retract their insinuation that the KKK were in town.

Nevertheless, the only subsequent MSM reference I can find is an Arizona Republic column by veteran journalist Doug MacEachern, asking very reasonably why the coverage stopped, and why no one had reported on the identity of the nooser [Where has Duke "noose" story gone? by Doug MacEachern, April 6, 2015].

What happened?

First, some perspective. Since 1997, Duke University has been the home of at least three other race hoax hysterias. But rather than cracking down on the hoaxers, the Duke administration has supported them in a tradition of ever more virulent hysteria against whites, in particular white men.

  • The 1997 Black Doll Hoax Hysteria
A black doll, with a small sign attached saying, “Duke Hasn't Changed,” was found hanging from a tree by a noose. Two black students later confessed, reportedly saying they wanted to make a political statement.

[As Hate-Crime Concerns Rise, So Does the Threat of Hoaxes| Campuses often provide conditions that can cultivate false reports of racist or anti-gay acts, experts say, by Nora Zamichow and Stuart Silverstein, Los Angeles Times, April 20, 2004.].

  • The 2006-2007 Duke Rape Hoax Hysteria

Black career criminal and stripper/prostitute Crystal Gail Mangum accused an ever-changing number of white Duke lacrosse players of having raped her. It was completely untrue. But the hoax was rabidly promoted by the school’s administration and faculty, especially President Richard Broadhead and including Vice President of Student Affairs Larry Moneta[Email him]; at least one Duke lawyer; and close to 100 faculty members.

The victims had to pay $2,000,000 in legal fees, although they ultimately got the consolation of an out-of-court settlement conservatively estimated to be $6,000,000, although as usual, part of the agreement was that the amount be kept secret. [Were the Duke lacrosse players wrongly accused of rape paid $20MILLION each in secret settlement?, Daily Mail, February 28, 2011]

Crystal Gail Mangum faced no legal consequences for her false accusations. She is currently in prison for subsequently murdering her black boyfriend.

None of the guilty parties at Duke was punished in any way, and some faculty members were promoted. Instead of the Duke Board of Trustees firing Brodhead in disgrace, it rewarded him with a contract extension, leaving him to support campus hoaxes and anti-white racism to this day. [See Nicholas Stix' Absolutely Definitive Account of the Incredible Disappearing Duke Rape Hoax.]

  • The 2015 “SAE Chant” Hoax Hysteria

During March, an anonymous black coed asserted that a second anonymous black coed had received a telephone call from a third black student asserting that white fraternity members had shouted the chant at her that white Oklahoma University fraternity members had been secretly videotaped making. Black supremacist student activists leveraged the claim to make demands from the Duke administration:

On Wednesday, an anonymous group called the Duke POC [“People of Color”—NS] Caucus posted a statement to a newly formed Tumblr account, alleging the incident was part of a bigger problem at the school.

"The racist terror to which the young black woman was subjected is symptomatic of systematized racism," the statement reads. The group also mentions a Duke fraternity's controversial Asia Prime party.

On Thursday, Duke's Black Student Alliance (BSA) launched a Twitter campaign called #WhatWeNeedFromDuke, asking students to tell the administration what they need.

[Duke Investigates Reports Of Student Taunted With Racist SAE Chant by Katie Sola, The Huffington Post, last updated, March 28, 2015. Links in original]

Duke officials—including the university Police Department (?!)—claimed to take the comically transparent hoax seriously, asserted they were investigating it, and have since cited it to leverage ever more racist hatred against whites (see Brodhead/ Kornbluth April 1 email above). But no perpetrators have been reported.

Why am I so confident this last case was a hoax? Because they’re all hoaxes. Race hoaxes are epidemic on the modern American campus—but the black and other unconstitutionally and illegally protected groups responsible are not only never prosecuted, but police, prosecutors, and campus administrators orchestrate criminal conspiracies to cover the hoaxes up. See my 2011 Campus “Hate Crime” Hoax Season About to Begin.

In contrast, although even a noose as an expression of white supremacism still would have been protected symbolic speech under the First Amendment, whites are routinely arrested, indicted, and even convicted of “felonies” for engaging in purely symbolic speech: for example, Jeremiah Munsen, Report from Occupied America: Free The Mizzou Two!

Specifically, on March 27, the Justice Department federally indicted white, Ole Miss student Graeme Phillip Harris for putting a Confederate flag and a noose around the neck of a campus statue of James Meredith, the first black student to attend the school. [Student indicted for noose on University of Mississippi statue by Emly Wagster Pettus, Associated Press/Christian Science Monitor, March 28, 2015.]

How come nobody worried about whether releasing Harris’ name, or the identity of other white students in such cases, was “consistent with federal law (FERPA) that protects the privacy of educational records”?

On April 27, Keith Lawrence, of Duke’s News Office responded to messages I’d left by calling me back. Lawrence [Email him] refused to release any information about the nooser including race, although Duke itself had made race the issue, but inadvertently revealed that he was male.

On May 1, Duke announced that the noose hanging was motivated by a “lack of cultural awareness and was not a statement related to racism.” The student would be able to return the next fall (after losing $30,000 in costs for the spring semester). Duke released a letter of apology from the student:

My purpose in hanging the noose was merely to take some pictures with my friends together with the noose, and then texting it to some others inviting them to come and 'hang out' with us—because it was such a nice day outside….

Updated: Duke says noose incident caused by bad judgment, not racism, by Amrith Rankumar, Duke Chronicle, May 1, 2015.

So what is the nooser’s race? My thoughts:

  • Quite obviously, he isn’t white. Any white, even a foreign student lacking “cultural awareness” from, say, Germany would have been lynched.
  • Black? Most comment thread analysis assumed the nooser is black, based on the well-established pattern of authorities refusing to identify black miscreants by race, while trumpeting white offenders.

But I’m not so sure. American blacks are never punished for hate hoaxes anyway—see the “Black Doll” case above—and can hardly be said to lack “cultural awareness” about nooses. An African foreign student?...meh.

  • A Hispanic, whether American or foreign-born?

This is a possibility, given that when a Hispanic coed (nationality unspecified) at the UC San Diego hung a noose in the school library in 2010, the school conspired with police and prosecutors cover up her crime. Hispanics comprise 7% of Duke’s 6,471 undergraduates (app. 450), and 4% (330-340) of its 8,379 graduate students.

  • A Jew, perhaps?

The Duke administration is clearly hesitating about something, most probably un-PC Narrative Collapse, but possibly because the student belongs to a group that can defend itself.

Thus the University of Pennsylvania) 1992 Water Buffalo Incident, which was the biggest race hoax of the time, involved members of a black sorority harassing students in a white and Asian dorm by singing at the top of their lungs at 11 p.m. late at night. One Orthodox Jewish resident, Eden Jacobowitz, shouted “Shut up, you water buffalo!”, his English translation of the Hebrew slang, "Behema" (behemoth).

He was charged with racial harassment, but was saved by the vigorous defense of history professor Alan C. Kors. The incident inspired Kors and lawyer Harvey Silverglate to write the book, The Shadow University, and to found the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

But note that Penn still proceeded against Jacobowitz. I doubt the nooser was Jewish.

Who does that leave?

  • Foreign students. That group comprises 10% (640-650) of Duke’s 6,471 undergraduates, and 24% (app. 2,090) of its 8,379 graduate students.

Quick Facts About Duke, Duke Office Of News & Communications, Fall 2014

This is clearly implied by the Duke educrats’ “cultural awareness” excuse. Foreign students tend to be overwhelmingly Asian, with some Arabs and Hispanics sprinkled in. All protected classes—and potential donors, especially in the case of the Arabs.

“Asian-Americans” also make up an amazing 21% of Duke’s undergraduates. Only 48% of the undergraduates at this bastion of white supremacy are now rated as “Caucasian.”

My guess: the nooser was Asian, possibly an immigrant or from an immigrant family.

And while he may have received protection from the Duke administration, if he comes back in the fall, blacks will hunt him down.

End note:

It’s (anti-white) business as usual for Vice President of Student Affairs Larry Moneta, according to the Duke Chronicle’s Rankumar:

Although the University investigation found there was no racial motive, Moneta said Friday that the problems identified by students after the incident will still need to be addressed.

"We were also deeply involved in the impact the incident had on the community and will continue to have," he said. "None of us presume that just because we may have reached resolution in this specific matter that that changes the need to continue to work on inclusion, diversity, racism and bias. Those continue to be issues of concern."

On April 7—after they knew the identity of the student—Duke professors and President Richard Brodhead held a teach-in, reportedly attended by app. 1,000 SJW students, against “hate.” This was clearly designed to further the Narrative that black students (and faculty and staffers too!) are somehow in danger from violent white supremacists on Duke’s campus—in other words, it was a tissue of lies.

April 7, 2015 White male-free “Racism” Panel at Duke, following its newest race hoax; white men must pay, be terrorized, and shut up

Nancy MacLean, William H. Chafe professor of history, focused on the necessity of placing the noose in its historical context in order to understand its significance as a “powerful symbol of dominance and oppression.”

She noted that between 1882 and 1968, there were 4,742 Americans who were lynched—3,450 of them black—and from 1890 to 1917, some two to three black southerners were hanged, burned at the stake or quietly murdered each week….

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, chair of the Sociology department, spoke about the noose as just one part of a “climate of hostility” faced by students, faculty and staff of color. He noted that microaggressions faced by people of color on Duke’s campus everyday include being asked by Duke University Police Department officers for identification, being told they are here because of preferential treatment and being told racist actions are just jokes.

“Duke is not a neutral racial space,” Bonilla-Silva said. “It’s a HWCU—a historically white college and university. Duke’s culture oozes whiteness.”

He told students that because racism at Duke is systematic, they must “think big” with the demands—to come up with systemic solutions to make the campus safer, more inclusive and more multicultural.

[After noose incident, faculty illuminate history of lynching by Rachel Chason, The Duke Chronicle, April 8, 2015.]

Contrast the administration support that an in-your-face racist like Eduardo Bonilla-Silva enjoys with the hatred that same administration has visited upon a real scholar like Jerry Hough, for advancing actual arguments, rather than spewing pure racial hatred and lies.

It is altogether fitting that MacLean should have the William Chafe professorship, since Chafe was himself a fraud who promoted the Duke Rape Hoax.

Another gem:

“Denying race is not the goal—the utter elimination of white supremacy is the goal,” said Adriane Lentz-Smith,[Email her] the history department’s director of undergraduate studies. “One need not be colorblind to respect difference.” [Links added]

“White supremacy” = America.

Nicholas Stix [email him] is a New York City-based journalist and researcher, much of whose work focuses on the nexus of race, crime, and education. He spent much of the 1990s teaching college in New York and New Jersey. His work has appeared in Chronicles, The New York Post, Weekly Standard, Daily News, New York Newsday, American Renaissance, Academic Questions, Ideas on Liberty and many other publications. Stix was the project director and principal author of the NPI report, The State of White America-2007. He blogs at Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.

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