Democrat's Deep Distress Over Our New Ruling Oligarchy's Amnesty Plans
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Talk about illegal alienation! Yep, the new ruling oligarchy now plans THIS YEAR to try to implement without US citizen approval and against our interests in a time of economic distress (or is that depression?) another Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill–which all of us understand is an amnesty bill for at least 12 million people now in our country ILLEGALLY.

As the Federation for American Immigration (FAIR) reports on April 30:

"Two years ago, a small group of senators emerged from behind closed doors with a bill offering amnesty to illegal aliens, cheap foreign workers to business interests, and vague promises of immigration enforcement. Despite that bill being overwhelmingly opposed by the American public, the U.S. Senate is laying the groundwork yet again. The Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Refugees, chaired by Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), is today holding a hearing on so-called "comprehensive immigration reform," legislation that would grant amnesty to the estimated 12 million illegal aliens living in America."

[Senate Immigration Subcommittee Hearing Unfairly Stacked With Witnesses Favoring Amnesty, Says FAIR]

You know, illegal aliens. Not undocumented workers, not poor downtrodden souls from functionally un-functioning countries, but people who at the urging of our greedy businesses and their mouthpieces, some labor unions, the Latino lobbies, and the Roman Catholic Church, are going to get a further free run at our tax supported services and our vanishing jobs, particularly those at the lower wage levels, although good Middle Class jobs are increasingly at risk to the burgeoning H-1B crowd.

I know you will remember what a great job the Republican ruling oligarchy did NOT do in many areas. But certainly some in the party deserve credit for the Mexican border fence, enabling E-verify, and some enforcement raids on illegal employers.

I am really a conflicted Democrat. I applaud what Obama is trying to accomplish in righting our listing economic ship. But I am horrified at the continuing obeisance which he and his administration pay to these Hispanic lobbies, which are truly unrepresentative of many US citizens of Hispanic origin. These citizens and all of us will be deeply affected by any amnesty, now and later.

Ignoring the economic implication of this proposed new amnesty, this latest hearing in the Senate is really just trying to figure out how to slam us citizens. It arrogance again is well expressed by FAIR:

"The hearing is revealingly entitled "Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2009, Can We Do It and How?" Based on the disproportionate number of invited special interest witnesses who represent illegal aliens and business interests, the testimony of today's hearing appears designed to simply affirm the manner of timing of an amnesty with little or no discussion as to the actual merits of enacting it. Notably missing is any proportional representation of the American public who want immigration laws enforced and competition for jobs and wages from illegal aliens reduced."

Hey, they don't want voices of reason, just voices of assent.

Remember the last big amnesty in 1986?

Again FAIR's Bob Dane describes what happened then perfectly in this same press release:

"Sen. Schumer was one of the key authors of the failed 1986 experiment that granted amnesty to some 3 million illegal aliens. Schumer candidly admitted last week that "No one believed [the 1986 bill] was tough enough on illegal immigration," but neither he nor other supporters of that bill said so publicly at the time."

Just like Senator Kennedy did in 1965, when that legislation was supposed to bring us  just 60,000 more new arrivals.

What I guess gets this Democrat so angry is the blatant arrogance of this new ruling oligarchy in holding hearings about adding slave labor when so many citizens have seen little economic improvement in the last several decades and now face massive layoffs, the dismantling of major US stalwarts such as GM and Chrysler etc. What can these elected donkeys be thinking? How could anyone wish an avalanche of additional labor on the supply side?

Perhaps this hearing's red flag will prove useful. It shows the oligarchy's true colors at a time when an amnesty is most politically unpalatable.

But stay alert and stay tuned—because the oligarchy's intent is unmistakable.

Donald A. Collins [email him], is a freelance writer living in Washington DC and a former long time member of the board of FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform. His views are his own.

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