Strictly Personal
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I will celebrate my 57th birthday this Sunday, May 3. Accordingly, it is time for my annual "Strictly Personal" column. I think it only fair that readers should have an opportunity to learn a little something about the person who writes the words they read. Today's column is designed with that goal in mind. And since Charley Reese stopped writing, I am the only syndicated columnist that does this, as far as I know. So, here goes.

I was born in a small town in northern Indiana. My father and mother were dedicated Christians. Dad was a welder by trade and a lay jailhouse preacher. The Lord delivered him from a terrible life of alcoholism, and the story of his deliverance is nothing short of miraculous.

Readers should know that I will send a cassette tape or CD of my father's life story, free of charge, to anyone who requests it. If you (or someone you know) struggle with alcohol or drug addiction, I urge you to obtain a copy of this remarkable story. Go to:


The Baldwins in my clan were all Southern Democrats (from Arkansas), and so I grew up a Democrat. When Ronald Reagan ran for President, however, I registered as a Republican. Of course, I am now an Independent affiliated with the Constitution Party.

I am convinced that, at the national level, the two major parties are two peas in a pod or, as Pat Buchanan calls them, "two wings of the same bird of prey." In my opinion, both parties are willfully surrendering our constitutional liberties, our independence, and our national sovereignty.

The Constitution Party web site is located here.

In fact, I was honored to have been selected by the Constitution Party as their candidate for President last year. I was further honored to have received the public endorsement of Congressman Ron Paul during that campaign. My summary of the 2008 campaign can be viewed here.

Outside of the decision to trust Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, the decision to marry my wife, Connie, is the greatest decision I ever made. She is wonderful! We will celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary next month. She has borne me three terrific children of whom I could not be prouder.

Our oldest child, Sarah Beth, is married to Allan Baker, a structural engineer. They reside in Pensacola and have three children. Our oldest son, Christopher, owns his own plumbing construction business here in Pensacola. He and his wife, Jana, have three sons. Our youngest son, Timothy, was a felony prosecutor with the Florida State Attorney's office. Along with his wife, Jennifer, he now owns his own law firm.

Readers should also know that Tim has an excellent legal review of the Patriot Act posted on our web site. Read it here.

I believe in the primacy of the local New Testament Church. I have been privileged to serve as the Senior Pastor of the Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida, for nearly thirty-four years now. See the church web site here.

Readers should be aware that we are also live-streaming my Sunday morning messages each Sunday at approximately 10:30 a.m. Central Time. To watch these messages, go here.

I have hosted my own radio programs for more than thirty years. In fact, this column is the outgrowth of my radio talk show, Chuck Baldwin Live. Here is the web address:

Currently, my radio programs are aired 49 times a week, on 15 different stations, in 5 states. The radio log is located at here.

My personal philosophy regarding social/political issues is quite simple: I believe abortion is America's national holocaust. It is the deliberate killing of innocent human life. Furthermore, it is absolutely disgraceful that while the so-called "pro-life" Republican Party controlled the entire federal government (legislative, executive, and judicial) from 2001 to 2006, they did absolutely nothing to overturn Roe v. Wade. All they had to do was pass Ron Paul's Sanctity of Life bill; but instead they squandered 6 years of opportunity—an opportunity that may never come again. The GOP's dereliction in this regard is unforgivable.

I believe marriage is, by definition, only between a man and a woman.

I believe the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights to be the greatest civil documents ever devised by man. I believe America's Founding Fathers to be the greatest generation of Christian philosophers and patriots to ever live.

I believe the current attempts by politicians from both parties to ignore and violate the Constitution are unconscionable and draconian attacks against the liberties of the American people and should be vehemently resisted.

I believe in the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

I believe there is a conspiracy by elitists within government, Big Business, and academia to surrender America's independence and national sovereignty to a globalist New World Order. I believe the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, and Bilderbergers are especially culpable in this regard.

I believe many, if not most, pastors today have become little more than glorified politicians; and I am very disappointed in the way today's national Christian leaders (the so-called Religious Right) seem to grovel before political parties and personalities, which appears to be for the express purpose of obtaining political and financial benefit.

I further believe that the current effort to merge the United States into a North American Community, along with the sister-issues of the NAFTA superhighway and the push to provide amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, comprises a grave threat to America. I am also convinced that there is a bold and blatant attempt underfoot to turn the United States into a police-state-style surveillance society, in which personal freedoms are being quickly and egregiously sacrificed.

I opposed the preemptive invasion of Iraq, and I continue to oppose the occupation of that country. I believe the Barack Obama administration is doing nothing—and will do nothing—to change the perpetual war/preemptive war doctrine introduced by George W. Bush.

I opposed the bailouts for Wall Street. I oppose the Federal Reserve and believe it to be an unconstitutional, unjust, and evil system of economics that is at the heart of all of America's financial (and many of our international) woes. I wholeheartedly support the abolition of the Federal Reserve and a return to sound money.

I believe the American people have more to fear from Washington, D.C., than they do from Baghdad or Tehran. I believe the United Nations is a sinister organization from which the United States should withdraw. I believe the federal government taxes too much, spends too much, lies too much, and snoops too much into the personal lives of the American people.

Besides Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida and the Constitution Party, the only organizations to which I belong are Gun Owners of America and The National Rifle Association. I especially support GOA, as it is the only Second Amendment advocacy group that refuses to compromise for the sake of political correctness.

See GOA's web site here.

In my view, the best news magazine in the country is The New American. I enthusiastically recommend that every American read it. Here is their web site:

I supported Ron Paul in the Republican Presidential primary last year, and I continue to support his efforts through the Campaign for Liberty. Here is their web site:

I don't trust most of the major radio or television talk show hosts, but observe that Lou Dobbs seems to have more honesty and integrity than the rest. Consider: he was the only major network television talk show host that invited me to be a guest on his show during last year's Presidential campaign. That says a lot!

If I have any hobbies, they would be hunting and freshwater fishing, although I don't get to do either as much as I would like. I am probably what people would call a workaholic. In addition, I am a firm believer in healthy eating and exercise.

Well, there it is. That is me in a nutshell. At least now you know more about who I am. You can rest assured that everything I write will be faithful to the beliefs mentioned above.

And there is one more thing: during the month of May only, I will send a full-size color photograph of yours truly to everyone who sends a one-time financial donation of $25 or more to help me continue to produce these columns and keep this freedom effort afloat. In fact, I will send one photo for each $25 contribution. For example, if you send $50, you will receive two photos.

To see the photo that will be sent, go here.

The recession has hurt all of us; and it has affected the income necessary to maintain these columns as well. If you appreciate my work and want to help me continue to advance the cause of liberty and constitutional government, I could really use your help right now. You may use your Visa or MasterCard, or you may write a personal check or Money Order. Here is the link to donate..

Remember, this offer expires on May 31, 2009.

Thank you for helping me in any way you can, and thank you for reading and passing on my columns.

Dr. Chuck Baldwin is the pastor of Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. He hosts a weekly radio show. His website is here.

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