Charlie Kirk’s THOUGHTCRIME On, NYAG Letitia James' Lawfare, SPLC’s Creeping On Brimelow Children, ETC.
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Earlier:VIDEO: Peter And Lydia Brimelow Speak On Letitia James's Lawfare Attack On

On their Rumble show THOUGHTCRIME, Charlie Kirk [Tweet him,] Jack Posobiec [Tweet him], Tyler Bowyer [Tweet him], and Blake Neff talk about NYAG Letitia James’s persecution of, and the fact that SPLC enforcers Michael Edison Hayden [Tweet him] and Hannah Gais [Tweet her] weaseled their way into a Christmas Party held by the Bath Christmas Project [Email them] which is in no way connected with, at the Berkeley Springs Castle Christmas party, and questioned Lydia and Peter Brimelow’s youngest daughter. (Which if they knew what Michael Edison Hayden was like, would worry any parent—see DOXING THE DOXERS: Half-Egyptian Rich Kid SPLC Enforcer Michael Edison Hayden Is A Weirdo. What Else Is New?)

See the segment [SPLC Infiltrates Right-Wing Christmas Party, Harasses 8-Year-Old Child] below

Full episode: THOUGHTCRIME Ep. 25—Smash Satan? Hamas: The Video Game? Civil War: The Movie? (The Charlie Kirk Show) December 14, 2023.

Note: Kirk and his guests do explain what Michael Edison Hayden is like, so some language may offend sensitive readers. Transcript otherwise lightly edited.

Blake Neff: This is a wild story here. The SPLC, they’re named Southern Poverty Law Center, but they don’t really care about any of those things anymore—

Jack Posobiec: So they defend the poor in the South?

Neff: Yeah, you think they would do that. But in fact, they’re attacking poor and middle-income people in an Appalachian state that’s kind of like the South.

So there’s a publication called They are a right-wing publication that opposes the Open Border state of the United States. They’re controversial, we’ll say, we’ll admit that, they have takes not all of us would 100% agree with but…

Kirk: They commit a lot of Thought Crimes.

Neff: They’re one of the websites [the SPLC] is most obsessed with taking out.

The New York Attorney General’s office is trying to harass them out of existence and it’s a really bad case.

Kirk: Are they headquartered in New York?

Neff:  I don’t know that they’re headquartered there, but they’re doing…

Posobiec: Headquartered in West Virginia, that’s the story. [For the record, VDARE was registered in the State of New York in 1999 when GOPer George Pataki was governor. We cannot get out without permission of the New York Attorney General, currently Letitia James.]

Neff:  Yeah, but they’re doing some nonsense where they’re trying to dox…They’re trying to get all of their donors on a flimsy pretext so that they can leak anyone who’s donated money to VDARE. [NYAG James has not specifically asked for donors, but she IS demanding we turn over nearly 25 years of emails, which would reveal their names unless we are allowed to redact them, an enormous job.]

It’s super sinister what they’ve been doing. But this is especially sinister.

Kirk: Yeah, you’re right. They’re suing It’s insane.

[Strictly speaking, NYAG is not suing us—she has not yet charged us with anything at all. Instead, she is making massive, intrusive, expensive and apparently endless subpoena demands, obviously with the intention of harassing us to death.]

Neff: Yeah, we’ll have to well, we should cover that on the show sometime.

So what’s happening this time though is, so VDARE is headquartered or at least they are operating out of Berkeley Springs. It’s a town in West Virginia about two hours from Washington DC—and they, the VDARE Foundation owns, they call it the Berkeley Springs Castle.

So they own this building, they use it to host events and they do sometimes rent it out. The context here is the SPLC is upset that Peter Brimelow and his wife Lydia live in Berkeley Springs … and the SPLC is upset essentially that the town hasn’t, like, murdered them or done this uprising to drive them out of the town or like unpersonned them and made it….

Posobiec: Or like Joseph-Smithed them in Nauvoo, Illinois. Sorry, Tyler. [If you don’t know what happened to Mormon founder Joseph Smith in Nauvoo in 1844, the Wikipedia article is called Killing of Joseph Smith.]

Tyler Bowyer: I wasn’t there. My people survived. [Tyler Bowyer is a Mormon.]

They essentially are mad that…

Kirk: Their whole existence is Thought Crime, this actually becomes like the driver of the story, “You’re not allowed to buy a house in our town.”

Neff: So yep, there is a local charity in this town that exists to raise money to beautify the town for Christmas. Let’s put up public Christmas decorations in Berkeley Springs. They host a Christmas party at this castle that is also a fundraiser for their work, and they’ve done this since—my understanding Is—since before this was ever owned by VDARE because the building is one hundred years old. [While the Bath Christmas Project is a longstanding charity, the Castle was only made available to it when the VDARE Foundation bought it—the previous owners were absentees.]

Posobiec: Yeah. So [the SPLC] went out and like they were attacking this Christmas party last year [The Berkeley Springs Hate Group Who Stole Christmas, by Michael Edison Hayden,, December 15, 2022]. They were basically saying “How dare you do this?”

Like it’s always been just an event center like, it’s never you know, even before they bought it. So it’s always been just like a local place where you hold events and so there’s weddings that are there et cetera.

These two people affiliated with the SPLC, Hannah Gais and Michael Edison Hayden…

Posobiec: Two what?

Neff: Two people affiliated?...

Posobiec: I don’t think they’re people.

Neff: Oh, that’s true. You’re right.

And also a full disclosure here Charlie. You have to understand this. We’re gonna lay this on you easily: Michael Hayden has… He has a p*ss fetish.

Posobiec: Tell me about this background of this subhuman—it is important. It is important to dwell upon this. It was it was a play that he wrote a play and it has it has—crap, I don’t have it in front of me, but it has—

Kirk: Scatological erotica—

Neff: Scat-a-logical erotica within it. Those are two words. I don’t think we’ve used…

Kirk: Guy’s allegedly a reporter?

Neff: He is, he has been published in the Daily Beast—which is allegedly a publication—

Posobiec: —formerly of ABC, formerly of Newsweek, couldn’t keep a job at Storyful, ends up at the bottom of the barrel at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Neff: And so what they do is—Hannah Gais and this and this p*ss guy—He they bought tickets under I believe a fake name to attend this party so they could defraud their way into it.

Well. I’ve also attended an event under a fake name, so I can’t... mine was funnier, but I snuck into the White Privilege Conference [White Privilege Conference Attendees Complain Conference Is Too White, by Blake Neff, Daily Caller, April 18, 2016]—it was great—but so they break into this Christmas party under false names.

What I can reveal, that I don’t think has been reported publicly is they were literally taking the Brimelow’s kid, I think an eight-year-old [Bo Brimelow], and they’re trying to pepper this eight-year-old with questions, you know about the Castle, and you know, do they know anything about some of the back rooms, you know what might be stored there? You know, “Can you tell us anything about this?” note: They actually asked Peter Brimelow’s youngest daughter about the dungeon in the castle. (The previous owner rigged up an old boiler room carved into living rock as a dungeon. Asked if we still put people there, Bo reportedly said “Not anymore.” Maybe this is a mistake.)

All of which rather brings to mind this famous picture:


So they’re literally interrogating an eight-year-old child on how they could potentially scope out this building that they have decided that they want to infiltrate in Berkeley Springs because the owners have committed unspeakable Thought Crime, the unspeakable Thought Crime of wanting America to have a lower immigration rate and an actual border and then they went to the Daily Beast and the Daily Beast is like “This is amazing journalism, we are going to publish it.”

We Went to a Christmas Party at an Infamous White Nationalist Castle

In a quiet West Virginia community, the racist extremist group VDARE opened its house to the local “normies” to spread some holiday [!] cheer.

By Hannah Gais and Michael Edison Hayden, Daily Beast, December 12, 2023


Kirk: And they did they go undercover to this Christmas party.

Neff: They went under fake names—they bought the tickets with fake names, and then I assume the Brimelows recognized them. They saw this happening.

Kirk: Yeah, I mean, they’re trying to get these people killed.

Neff: Oh, yeah, 100 percent.

[See SPLC Thug Michael Hayden Demonizes’s Castle Purchase. His Twitter Followers Plot Violence. WHERE IS FBI!?, March 26, 2020]

That’s what I mean: about a year ago, the Washington Post contacted this extremely tiny town’s tourism office and essentially says like, hey, “You know we’re going to publish a piece about your town, but you know what might help you guys: if you bought advertising with the Washington Post.” They literally did a shakedown.

Kirk: Unbelievable.

Posobiec: By the way, so Michael Edison Hayden’s play was called The Books and the Village Voice described it as ”The post-golden-shower-literary-discussion romantic dramedy you’ve been waiting for.”

So he wrote a golden showers play.

Wow, and this is this was over a decade ago. It’s possible that this is actually where the Russiagate story of golden showers comes from—that they were actually doing an homage to a scene in the play.

Neff: So Hayden and Hannah had to travel from New York just to crash this event in Berkeley Springs under fake names.

Posobiec: By the way, they did the same thing to last year’s New York Young Republicans Gala. They actually tracked me and Tanya Tay [Posobiec] on a train, because I guess they were coming up from D.C. on the same train as us. They were stalking us in the train station, taking photos of me and my wife as we’re like walking through Penn Station in New York into Manhattan.

It’s a beautiful station like taking photo of us behind Tanya Tay looking gorgeous as usual. Like, you know, her full travel attire. And then they start posting, they took this train at this time—like completely deranged mental bio-Leninist  behavior. [You can see the pictures here.]

Neff: This is a good reason, by the way, that we should care about being fit and attractive. We want to make sure that if disgusting SPLC parasite subhumans are stalking us, that they’ll take photos and be like “they look, why, so good.”

Kirk: Why the Attorney General of Alabama hasn’t gone after [the SPLC] yet—their headquarters in Alabama, right?

Neff: Volunteers at the event—because it was at the Castle, but it was hosted by a different non-political charity—did not recognize the SPLC reporters, but became concerned when Hayden, who is in his 40s, singled out the Brimelows’ eight-year-old daughter and attempted to draw information from her regarding the off-limits back-office areas of the castles where this girl personally lives.

So these people traveled three hundred miles under fake names so they could corner an eight-year-old to interrogate her about her home. [Actually, the Brimelow family only transitionally lived at the Castle. It contains their offices and event spaces.]

Posobiec: So creepy

Neff: These people are sick. They’re sick people.” We’re coming for your children,” as they say.

Posobiec: Blake, what would a serious country do with people like this? Mmm?

Neff: I’m not sure but I don’t think they would like it.

Posobiec: No, they probably wouldn’t

They would probably say that it was, it was hostile to acts of journalism…

Posobiec: (Reading from Michael Edison Hayden play)

“Want to take it up a notch?” says Helen

Mark: How?

Helen: I do golden showers

Mark: Because the website specifies no deal in a clean red Tahoma font.

Helen: But you and I have trust going after the book loan

Mark You’ll p*ss on me?(...)

Helen: Want me to?”

And it’s not—Charlie, it gets even worse.

I’ll add this line. “We’ll put plastic on the floor and…”

Then it just gets worse from there.

Neff: And this is a moral judge who can tell us—

Posobiec: Who’s allowed to like to tell us who’s allowed to hold… where the town’s allowed to hold a Christmas party who goes after eight-year-olds and in his spare time writes stuff about golden showers.

I just don’t see him, why his playwright career didn’t take off after this seminal work. I mean, you know “William Shakespeare, take the back seat.”


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