Biden Takes A Victory Lap Over Title 42’s Demise As Border Invasion Worsens
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Title 42 public-health expulsions of illegal aliens have ceased, but the Biden Regime now laughably claims the border is more secure than ever. Relying on dubious data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, officials insist that encounters have subsided without the threat of expedited deportations pursuant to the Trump-era policy. The leftist mainstream media are dutifully and predictably assuring us that the border is calm, and that fears of a full-scale invasion are paranoid fantasies oozing out of the right-wing fever swamp. The truth, of course, is the opposite. The unprecedented invasion continues even if the numbers aren’t quite as alarming as predicted. Traitor Joe Biden’s policies are responsible for the invasion, and claims that the border is under control are a futile attempt to hide his Border Treason.

Leading up to Title 42’s demise last week, border agents detained 10,000 illegals per day. Yet encounters dropped when the policy to expel illegals for public health reasons ended. Over the weekend, the daily average was a bit more than 5,000. The numbers came down slightly more as the week progressed, but that might be due to Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s deployment of his Tactical Border Force [Migrant Apprehensions Drop 62 Percent in One Week Post Title 42, by Bob Price, Breitbart, May 17, 2023].

Still, the Biden Regime, including Traitor Joe himself, is bragging.

“Much better than you all expected,” he told reporters with a smile last weekend. He laughed and said the numbers would continue declining. Vice President Kamala Harris said the border is running “smoothly” [Ha, ha, ha, ha’: Laughing Biden claims post-Title 42 is ‘much better than you all expected’ —as asylum seekers are released into U.S. and given return court dates TEN YEARS from now, by Geoff Earle, Daily Mail, May 15, 2023]. Well, in one sense, it is. Illegals are smoothly entering the country to dispossess and replace the Historic American Nation.

Lower-ranking officials credited Biden’s policies for the decline. Here’s Blas Nunez-Nieto, an assistant secretary at Homeland Security:

I think what we’ve seen is a combination of the consequences we have imposed on unlawful entry and the work being done by our foreign partners to enforce their borders and these flows, as well as the lawful pathways we’ve made available.

[Biden celebrates as border migrant surge doesn’t materialize, by Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, May 15, 2023]

He also claimed that illegals are not being simply released. They receive court dates, and immigration officials closely monitor them. He failed to mention that those court dates are as far in the future as 2035, and the illegals will stay here indefinitely. 

The regime Mainstream Media Information Ministry, as expected, is pushing Biden’s the-border-is-secure propaganda. Nearly every big outlet claimed the GOP-predicted nightmare never materialized. Everything is A-OK. The New York Times’s Miriam Jordan proclaimed the border was “relatively quiet” [Title 42 Is Gone, but Not the Conditions Driving Migrants to the U.S., May 14, 2023]. That’s not true. The congratulatory coverage ignores the record level of crossings the week before. It also fails to put the lower numbers in context. Five thousand encounters per day; more than 150,000 illegals in one month is still unacceptably high. The figure for May might exceed 200,000.  The Border Patrol still warns of at least 12,000 and 14,000 apprehensions per day without Title 42 [The Media’s Misleading Math on Biden’s Border Crisis, by Drew Holden, Washington Free Beacon, May 16, 2023].

A few of Biden’s MSM spear carriers did offer honest reasons for the “relative quiet.” The Border Patrol believes the cartels are sizing up the new situation before attempting to smuggle in too many illegals, MSNBC’s Adam Isacson reported. So the decline is part of a “wait and see” period, not a long-term decrease [Here’s why the end of Title 42 wasn’t the nightmare Republicans said it would be, May 17, 2023].

The regime disingenuously touts its tough new policies for intimidating would-be illegals. In fact, Biden’s purpose is to expand legal avenues for Great Replacement illegals to enter the country. These include the parole program, which offers 30,000 slots per month to foreigners from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. The regime also urges “migrants” to apply for asylum with CBP’s Mobile One app rather than applying right at the border. The feds vow to quickly deport any illegal caught from the four nationalities or any others who fail to properly apply for asylum. However, the feds allow exceptions that render the rules meaningless. An asylum seeker can apply at the border if he claims there’s a direct threat to his well-being [What You Need to Know About the Biden Administration’s New Asylum Restrictions, by Elizabeth Jacobs, Center for Immigration Studies, May 11, 2023].

This isn’t the first time the regime has tried to run a victory lap on immigration. After December set a record of 251,644 border encounters, the number dropped to 156,223 for January and 155,656 for February. That was proof, we were to believe, that the “parole” program was working. Not really. Numbers shot up to 191,956 in March and then to 211,401 in April. So the parole program wasn’t working. Illegals still had a great incentive to rush for the border [Southwest Border Apprehensions, Encounters, Surge in April, by Andrew R. Arthur, Center for Immigration Studies, May 18, 2023].

The same thing will happen with this latest victory lap. Illegals will surge again, and very soon. Once the cartels figure out the new situation, they will send the illegals across. Nothing Biden is doing will dissuade the cartels or the illegals because nothing Biden is doing is supposed to dissuade them. He wants them to enter the country as part of the Great Replacement. The illegals know they will be briefly detained, handed a court date many years in the future, then released to stay here forever.

Biden knows that by claiming he’s secured the border the media will buy it, then move on to other topics. So when the new surge occurs, a legion of cameras won’t be there to cover it, and reporters won’t shout questions about it. Reporters will focus on Ukraine, or the next “Karen” who refuses to let a black thug take a rent-a-bike for which she paid. This is how the media have covered the invasion since Biden landed in office—with occasional bursts of attention, such as what we witnessed last week. But the MSM have largely ignored it, except for rare instances, such as castigating mounted Border Patrol agents for catching Haitians. That’s just what Biden wants.

And when the MSM do focus on the border, the regime has talking points ready: the parole program and the new asylum rules, for instance, that bamboozled reporters. Biden officials also claim they are working to fix the “underlying causes” of illegal migration, too. All this is BS to trick the public into thinking the regime wants to stop the invasion.

Not true. The regime and the Democratic Party want the invasion to continue. Wiser Democrats know that makes for bad politics. They just can’t say they’re happy to see millions of illegals pour through to swamp the Historic American Nation. So they pretend they care about the problem and that they’re doing something about it.

That’s why Republicans must not lose sight of this all-important issue. Stopping the invasion should be their top priority. But Republicans are easily distracted by other issues. They appeared to drop much of their concern when the Durham report was released [Durham report fuels further House GOP skepticism over FBI surveillance, by Jordain Carney, Politico, May 17, 2023]. That’s not to say the Durham report isn’t important. But the quick turn illustrates the horribly short attention span of the GOP. Republicans and conservatives chase after the latest fad rather than focusing on what matters most. That helps Biden. If the GOP loses its focus on the border, no one else will discuss it. The Democrats possibly did well in the midterms because the Republicans became fixated on side issues instead of homing in on immigration.

If Republicans want to win in 2024, the illegal-alien invasion must be at the top of their platform. Without borders, as GOP candidate Donald Trump says, we don’t have a country. The Democrats support open borders because they know the invaders will destroy the Historic American Nation.

It’s up to Republicans to stop it.

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.

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