Biden Perverts’ Child Trafficking Scandal—NEW YORK TIMES Starts Shifting Blame To Capitalism And (Guess Who!) Whites.
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Last November, I posted COULD The Biden Regime POSSIBLY Have Ramped Up The Unaccompanied Child (UAC) Program… To Supply Pedophile Rings? This discussed the strange and massive acceleration of admissions of unaccompanied children at the border since Biden’s election, despite their apparently having run out of relatives in America ready to take them. (The overwhelming majority are now dumped on strangers.)

I suggested that the driving demand for these children might not regular employers looking for slightly cheaper labor, but the Sex Industry. This was subsequently seconded by’s Padraic O’Bannon in Maybe the Biden Regime IS Sex Trafficking Kids. After All, It Hired An Advocate For Underage Homosexual Prostitution.

In my November piece, I discussed two major commentaries on the fate of these children.

Dreier extensively documented the hardships the children were enduring, and also the peculiar callous indifference and willful ignorance of the Biden Administration. But she (or her editors) completely dodged the Sex Industry aspect. And of course the cause of this mess—the Democrats’ No Borders policy—went unmentioned.

This is a devastating 47-minute podcast discussion between CIS’s Jessica Vaughan and the heroic whistleblower Tara Lee Rodas.

In this podcast, the Sex Industry aspect was emphasized, and more examples of the Federal Government’s malfeasance were analyzed.

CIS never posted a transcript of this piece, making it close to worthless for working journalists. I supplied a synopsis in my essay above. Thereafter, curiously, CIS dropped the issue.

Not so Tara Lee Rodas. Her X/Twitter account @taraleerodas is the most efficient way I know of keeping track of this scandal.

Now, eight months later, Hannah Dreier has returned to the fray, but with a very different purpose: They’re Paid Billions to Root Out Child Labor in the U.S. Why Do They Fail?, New York Times, December 28, 2023. Her article was given a typical liberal echo-chamber boost: How child migrants are put to work in unsafe and illegal conditions, PBS, January 1, 2024, a seven-minute interview with Laura Barrón-López and Shoshana Dubnow.

In essence, Dreier’s article appears to be an effort to shift the blame for these atrocities to the private sector, in particular the burgeoning industry of “Social Compliance” auditors, for instance:

UL Solutions, which began as a safety testing business and expanded more than two decades ago into social compliance audits. The company took in $2.5 billion in revenue last year and is on the cusp of an initial public offering. [Link in original].

Dreier shows no interest in the Sex Industry aspect of this child trafficking. Nor, anymore, in the Biden Administration failings she revealed back in April.

But I have to say I think Hannah Dreier is substantially justified in the particular allegations she makes. It is not pleasing to find that

…the system is set up in a way that it’s not going to find children. Children work at night, and the auditors come in the morning. Children work with fake I.D.s. The auditors are checking paperwork, not actually speaking with children.

(The children work at night to try to attend school during the day, where they no doubt greatly increase the vibrancy of their classes. It also may be that when cleaning machines, as tends to be done at night, better dexterity is more useful than strength. Just like chimney sweeps in Victorian Britain.)

And Drier is right that

…these auditors … have this conflict of interest. The audits are paid for by the factories. And so auditors say, when they come in and they find a lot of violations, they get in trouble with the factories and sometimes even with their own private auditing firms.

I doubt that these auditors, or their employers, are improving their access to Heaven.

It is also true that profiteers on both sides of the border are doing well out of kid transportation: see View Powerful Muckraker Video On How Biden’s Alien Kid (Sex?) Trafficking Is Being Paid For By You.  

HOWEVER—who created this situation?

The cause lies entirely within the Biden Administration and with DHS Secretary Mayorkas—surely the most blatant traitor in American history.

Thus Where Migrant Children Are Living, and Often Working, in the U.S., by Eli Murray, Hannah Dreier and K.K. Rebecca Lai, New York Times, December 28, 2023 reports:

Since 2021, migrant children have been traveling alone to the United States in record numbers: Nearly 400,000 children have crossed the southern border by themselves.


Nearly 750,000 migrant children have been placed with sponsors in the U.S. since 2012. More than half of those children have arrived since 2021.

Here’s the NYT chart:

Dreier and others try to attribute the acceleration to bad conditions in Central America. This is absurd. Central America has always been much poorer than the U.S. What has changed is the perception that the Biden Mob is completely willing to let the kids in and supply them with unprecedented amounts of Free Stuff.

In her PBS interview, Dreier tries to deflect the obvious question of why Government Factory Inspectors have not been reporting abuse by saying that the Department of Labor has historically low staffing levels (aka blame Trump).

But Biden has been President for three years. This is his responsibility.

In her December 28 article attacking private auditors, Dreier even manages to quote

Juanita Sanchez-Sevilla, a Spanish speaker who has been conducting audits since the 1990s… “If you look at the upper echelons of the industry, they’re all white.”

Aka Blame Whitey!

The fact that the New York Times has once again not even referenced the sexual exploitation of these children, by far the most incendiary aspect of the scandal, tells me this coverage has degenerated into damage control and blame shifting.

The NYT comment thread is divided between those somehow blaming Republicans and others blaming Capitalism.

This is important. In coming decades, as the inevitable horror stories emerge, Hispanic pols are going to erect this atrocity into a major ethnic grievance, like Japanese Detainees and Canadian Indian Residential Schools.

Patriots must be alert and ready to fasten the blame where it belongs: on degenerate elements in President Biden’s entourage.

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