ANY Amnesty Is A B-A-A-A-D Idea! Help Stop The Fleecing Of America!
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Peter Brimelow writes:

Let’s begin with the good, even great, news:

President Obama’s decision, announced on Saturday, to postpone his plan to Amnesty some five million illegal aliens through Executive Action is a HUGE victory for grassroots immigration patriots and their unwavering resistance to their own displacement, which finally broke the nerve of America’s treasonous political elite.’s strategy has always been Outside-The-Beltway: to inform and inspire grassroots America, for free. We have provided the tools that have made possible this victory.

Which may even mark the turning point in this long, bitter war. Maybe finally we can get off the defensive and get the issue of an immigration moratorium into public debate. Of course, it takes money, which leads me to…

Another piece of good news: is now almost a third of the way to meeting our $30,000 Fall Fundraiser goal! Thanks to our loyal readers for their (tax-deductible!) donations—please help us keep up the pressure by giving now.

Here are five reasons why you should donate to

  • The conventional wisdom was wrong that Amnesty/ Immigration Surge would pass easily after 2012. It continues to be wrong that we cannot achieve final victory. We can and we will win.
By our count, this is the sixth time in thirteen years than Amnesty (plus an increase in skilled immigration to pay off business allies) has been proposed with fanfare, and collapsed in farce.
  • The Treason Lobby hopes to change the subject during the elections, with help from their friends in the Main Stream Media, and try again in the Lame Duck session. (and you) won’t let them!
This type of political trickiness is just harder to pull off in the age of the internet. And it’s also harder for supposed leaders to sell out their followers (we’re looking at you, John Boehner, Eric Cantor Kevin McCarthy etc.).
  • Although Obama’s plan for a mass Amnesty through Executive Order is currently on hold, his Stealth Amnesty—via regulatory relaxation, sweetheart deals to settle Treason Lobby litigation, etc.—continues. But, with your help, is watching.
Tonight, posting another expose by our whistleblower Federale of just such a sweetheart deal—and, as usual, we name the guilty judge who allowed it. (Hint: he’s an Obama appointee). We don’t believe these Leftist commissars should be able wrap themselves in the robes of supposed judicial impartiality.
  • Americans are unmistakably becoming aware of how immigration, legal and illegal, is fleecing them.
At, our Ed Rubenstein has been tracking immigrant displacement of American worker, by analyzing the federal government’s monthly employment data, since 2004. (It’s now at record levels). For the first time, we are starting to see reports of this phenomenon in the MSM.
  • exists to push the envelope.
We stood against the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge when Conservatism Inc. counseled compromise, and today we are on the verge of victory. We condemned Obama’s Administrative Amnesty when it first reared its treasonous head (2011, not 2012 as popularly reported) and we pointed out that the only appropriate answer was impeachment. Today, the Administrative Amnesty has convulsed politics and impeachment has had its fifteen minutes of fame—and will surface again.

Similarly, we have unwaveringly advocated an immigration moratorium and elimination of the illegal alien presence via abolition of the birthright citizenship loop hole, attrition through enforcement (“self-deportation”) and strategic deportation—sending a message be deporting illegal alien demonstrators etc.

All this will come too.

But only if you help us now.

I (and Karia, above) will be most grateful.



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