Jason Kessler (At JasonKessler.us ) On Narrative Collapse In Charlottesville
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Freelance writer Jason Kessler (one of the organizers of the Charlottesville Unite The Right Rally) has a new website at JasonKessler.us, and has a post on the ongoing Narrative Collapse about Charlottesville:

Recorded Phone Calls and FOIA Documents Show UVA Police Ignored Alt-Right Call for Assistance | Jason Kessler

Jason Kessler

(Authors Note: I was one of the lead organizers for the rally and some of my reporting is a first-hand account. DO NOT under any circumstances interact with any Antifa implicated in this article. Leave that for the lawyers.)

FOIA documents obtained by Shadowproof show that UVA police were using hearsay from the anarcho-communist website It’s Going Down to inform their negligent response to the Alt-Right’s torchlit march on August 11th. They ignored repeated requests for assistance from both Unite the Right marchers as well as UVA students and staff.

The Unite the Right organizers had discussed the possibility of doing a civil rights march from so-called “Nameless Field” to a Thomas Jefferson statue in front of the UVA Rotunda for some time. However we were uncertain until the night of August 11th whether to actually go through with it due to a pending court case surrounding the next day’s rally and leaked planning details by Left-wing agitators.

As early as 3:23pm on August 11th, emails show UVA Chief of Staff Anda Webb alerting police about the march (and parroting a fake Left-wing talking point about there being a march on St. Paul’s Church).

By 7:52pm, the night of the march, UVA Chief of Police Mark Gibson was emailing an It’s Going Down article about the march to Charlottesville Chief of Police Al Thomas. It’s Going Down is an extremist site which has helped organize violence against right-wing activists and police officers around the country. They were running logistics for the J20 riots at Donald Trump’s inauguration, for instance. [More]

There's a good deal more. Jason Kessler has been blamed by the MSM for the violence (initiated by Antifa) in the rally. The fact that we bought some freelance pieces from him led people to link us to the rally, which is wildly wrong. (We're more the "Conference" type—how could that lead to violence?)

However, we are not doing what the Daily Caller did after Charlottesville, which was to delete his archive. (Preserved in Archive.org and similar site—it's very hard to unring a bell on the Internet. ) Our archive of Jason's posts is still available:

Check out JasonKessler.us for more.

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