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VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow’s daughters Felicity and Karia on the Dizzy Dragon ride, Goshen CT Fall Fair, September 2014

Peter Brimelow writes:

It’s been a wild ride, with heart-wrenching stops and starts, but thanks to VDARE.com’s loyal readers we still have not had to block the site to get to our Fall Fundraising goal of $30,000.

I’ll make the final decision on Monday morning, but right now we think we are at almost 80%—just below $24,000. 

OVER 90%—Almost $28, 000! Well done, but don't stop!

Help us get there now.

Two themes in the weekend’s news underline how important VDARE.com’s role is.

Republican candidates everywhere are floundering in what was supposed to be a “wave” election year.

Of course, there’s still time for things to improve. But, as VDARE.com reported repeatedly during the Romney rout, that can’t happen while Republican Party continues to fail to mobilize its white (formerly known as “American”) base.

Yet, for example, as VDARE.com’s Patrick Cleburne noted on Friday, the GOP’s Senate candidate in North Carolina is getting a catastrophic 45% share of the white vote there.

Even “conservative” pundits and pollsters are afraid to address this question openly. Yet no factor is more critical to the survival of the American union. Help VDARE.com address what the professionals won’t.

There are widespread reports that the Republicans are being outspent by the Democrats because the GOP is not attracting the support of small donors.

The clique of campaign consultants that has seized control of the GOP is notoriously focused on the big donors and has distorted the party’s policies, on Amnesty etc., to appeal to them.

Now it turns out that this selfish, stupid and corrupt approach not only doesn’t get votes—it doesn’t even get enough money.

For the GOP, and for the country, there’s a really wild ride ahead. But VDARE.com will show the way—if you continue to support us.

Many thanks,

PB-sign Peter Brimelow

Editor VDARE.com

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