U.S.-Mexico Border a "Boneyard" Under Biden | VDARE Video Bulletin
August 10, 2022, 03:29 PM
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The Washington Examiner recently revealed that fiscal year 2022 is already a record breaking year for illegal alien deaths along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Authorities have recovered more than 600 bodies in fiscal 2022, which began in October 2021.

Understandably, neither the Biden Regime nor its Mainstream Media Information Ministry want this publicized, which is why we didn’t hear that the border is becoming a boneyard.

Anna Giaritelli reports at the Washington Examiner that the 600 bodies discovered so far this fiscal year already outnumber all of those found in 2021, and is more than double the amounts from 2020 and 2019.

At a rate of about 61 corpses found each month, authorities could potentially uncover another 122 by September 31, the fiscal year’s end, putting the projected total of illegal immigrant bodies at over 700.

But as A.W. Morgan writes for VDARE.com: 

Remember, these are only the bodies found. No one knows how many corpses are still rotting out there.

The Examiner also reveals that the illegal-alien invasion has also turned the Border Patrol into a search-and-rescue operation, and requires agents to become lifeguards at the Rio Grande, stating that rescues are up three times the amount from 2019.

And that “Between October 2021 and June, agents have rescued 16,897 illegal immigrants.”

Those numbers are also far higher than previous years.

Read the full story by A.W. Morgan here.

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