Scratch That⁠—18K Illegal Aliens Expected PER DAY | VDARE Video Bulletin
April 02, 2022, 10:47 AM
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Department of Homeland Security officials are now more than doubling Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz’s projections for the illegal alien rush coming soon to our Southern border. With the removal of illegal aliens under Title 42 allegedly coming to an end under the Biden Regime, DHS is now estimating a border rush which could reach 18,000 illegals per day.

Title 42 was implemented under President Trump to keep illegal aliens with the coronavirus out of the country.

Credible reports from the Associated Press show that Joe Biden has caved to the communist Treason Lobby, d

Of course, this news will inspire even more Third Worlders to join in on the Great Replacement, as the Department of Homeland Security warned in a telephone news briefing with reporters.

An anticipated 45 day long illegal alien rush, combined with the new projection of 18,000 illegal entries per day, means that border agents could potentially deal with some 810,000 illegals in just six weeks.

Already this year, border agents have apprehended almost 850,000 illegals.

A.W. Morgan writes for

If Let’s Go Brandon lifts Title 42, the GOP must impeach and remove him from office if the party retakes Congress and the Senate in November’s midterms.

But the party can’t stop with Biden. Republicans must also remove Vice President Kamala Harris so the new speaker of the House of Representatives becomes president. Whoever that is will, of course, fire Cuban-Jewish visa fraudster Alejandro Mayorkas.

After that, he must be prosecuted for refusing to enforce this country’s immigration laws

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