NordVPN Censoring | VDARE Video Bulletin
April 01, 2022, 07:03 PM
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NordVPN is blocking

We have an important message for anyone using NordVPN, the popular virtual private network, which allows users to safely browse the internet without having to worry about internet service providers or would-be hackers getting ahold of your sensitive data.

Recently we have been made aware that NordVPN users are no longer able to access while browsing with the VPN’s CyberSec feature enabled.

Nord’s CyberSec tool, a feature that is advertised to block advertisements and malicious websites, apparently also blocks wrongthink.

With CyberSec turned on, you’ll get a connection error when attempting to reach our servers at And we’re not alone, NordVPN also deems Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance website as malicious.

Rest assured, there is nothing malicious embedded within our website.

Thankfully, NordVPN users are able to disable the CyberSec feature. Simply open your settings page in the application, and in the General settings panel, uncheck CyberSec. Your virtual private network will be reconfigured, and you’ll once again be able to visit while browsing the web securely.

When you’re done, click the link attached to this video and enjoy our uncensored coverage of America’s borders.

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