Kyle Rittenhouse and the Cold Civil War | VDARE Video Bulletin
November 21, 2021, 03:04 PM
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In Kenosha, Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty of murder charges in the shooting of three white antifa thugs who attacked him while he protected local businesses from rioters

John Derbyshire views this as a victory in what he calls the “cold civil war,” a “permanent conflict” between “two big groups of white people” who just “can’t stand the sight of each other”. Derb defines these two camps as “goodwhites” and “bad whites”

From JOHN DERBYSHIRE: That Rittenhouse Verdict—America Is Not Dead Yet!

The framing of Kyle Rittenhouse as a Badwhite was open and plain. No less an eminence than Joe Biden called him a "white supremacist" [Psaki Refuses to Explain Why Biden Labeled Rittenhouse a ‘White Supremacist’, by Caroline Downey, YahooNews, November 15, 2021] That's a common Goodwhite cuss-phrase used indiscriminately to refer to Badwhites, regardless of anything the target may be known to believe. The Goodwhite commentariat at media outlets like CNN and MSNBC, along with their black auxiliaries, followed suit [MSNBC's Joy Reid sparks fury after calling Kyle Rittenhouse a 'Karen' who uses 'male, white tears to defend himself after getting caught' and comparing him to Justice Kavanaugh, Daily Mail, November 18, 2021].

As Paul Kersey writes, like Covington Catholic kid Nick Sandmann, Kyle Rittenhouse was white at the wrong place at the right time to change history. 

Conversely, prosecutor in the Rittenhouse trial, Thomas Binger, characterized the antifa thugs who attacked the then 17-year-old as not just “goodwhites” but “hero whites!”

From Rittenhouse prosecuter Binger

"Every day we read about heroes that stop active shooters … That's what was going on here and that crowd was right. And that crowd was full of heroes"

Compare the treatment of Kyle Rittenhouse to Arlington Texas school shooter Timothy Simpkins, a black 18 year old who wounded three people on a shooting spree. After spending a total of one day in jail, Simpkins was released on $75,000 bond. Kyle Rittenhouse had his bond set at $2 million.

A non-guilty verdict doesn’t mean the fight is over. As James Fulford reminds us, Joe Biden personally stoked the Kenosha riots. So did Wisconsin governor Tony Evers.

From Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted: We're All Still In Danger Of This Kind Of Prosecution by James Fulford

In spite of the acquittal, being loudly protested by the Left on Twitter, and probably soon in the streets, whites are still under attack. If a black man tries to murder you, and you defend yourself, expect to be charged with the crime of "fighting back while white."

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