Immigrants Swamped Job Growth in March | VDARE Video Bulletin
May 04, 2022, 07:49 PM
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It’s time for an analysis of the March Jobs Report.

The Biden Regime is once again patting itself on the back over large numbers in job growth coming out of the pandemic.

The March Household Survey indicated an employment gain of 736,000 jobs. Whereas, the March Payroll Survey showed a lesser gain of just 431,000 jobs. editor Peter Brimelow helps to explain the gap between these two numbers. He says:

U.S. businesses are reluctant to acknowledge illegals working “off the books.” This illicit workforce is counted in the Household Employment Survey, but not on the Payroll Employment Survey.

Regardless, we can keep both of these numbers in mind as we dive further into the March Jobs Report.

A year-over-year chart showing the Immigrant Workforce Population helps to show why even over 700,000 new jobs isn’t exactly good news for Legacy Americans.

As you can see, year-over-year, in March 2022, the Immigrant Workforce Population saw an expansion of 1.4 million immigrant workers over March 2021.

Either way you cut it, using Household or Payroll Surveys, the March job growth was not all that great for Americans—because it was exceeded by the increase in the immigrant labor force

Here’s the big picture: The U.S. economy still has roughly 1.6 million fewer jobs than before the mass layoffs that began in February 2020.

Meanwhile, average hourly earnings have risen 5.6% year-over-year in March, only to be drowned out by an inflation rate of 8.5%.

Read more analysis of National Data, including sources for all the data in this video, by Peter Brimelow on

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