Biden Faces Impeachment After Illegal Border Policies | VDARE Video Bulletin
January 31, 2022, 05:32 PM
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It seems as if President Biden may finally face impeachment for his treasonous immigration policies. As we covered previously, Biden’s record-breaking border-crisis began with a 1,256% increase in inadmissible illegal aliens marching on our Southern Border in the months leading up to and soon after his inauguration.

Now Arkansas and Texas Senators Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz are taking notice, warning an impeachment could take place if Republicans win power in the House of Representatives this year.

A recent viral video shared by Republican congressional candidate Dr. Willie J. Montague shows commuter buses unloading illegal aliens in Maitland, Florida, fresh from the Southern Border. Upon arrival, the illegals are given credit cards and booked into temporary housing facilities.

NY Representative Claudia Tenney shared the video, adding “Joe Biden must be impeached for this disgrace.”

Virtually all of these illegals are single adult men aged 18-35, contrary to Biden’s claim that only illegal alien families and undocumented children are being allowed to stay in the country.

Video taken by Fox News shows a similar situation at San Antonio airport—a bus packed with adult male illegal aliens, unloaded and given free flights to localities across the United States.

And there are further enforcement failures. Biden has restarted Catch And Release. Now if illegals are apprehended in the country, they’re quickly freed and allowed to roam in America. They are given notices to appear in court—and that’s the extent of the reprimand they receive.

Biden also refuses to enforce Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy, even after a federal court ordered him to do so after he tried to end it

Washington Watcher II concludes:

“Republicans must show that they are serious about ending the Border Crisis. Impeaching Biden is the only way. The good news: that may happen.”

Read the full story by Washington Watcher II here.

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