“The Indian CEO Virus”—Is It Good For The Historic American Nation? | VDARE Video Bulletin
February 01, 2022, 09:06 PM
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Last November, a 37-year-old Indian immigrant you’ve never heard of became Chief Executive Officer of Twitter. His name is Parag Agrawal. And he’s not the only one: Indians now completely control Big Tech. More and more hold elected office. They’ve infiltrated the White House. They’re on television, telling stupid white Americans what to think and how to live.

Indian billionaire Anand Mahindra once gloated:

“This is one pandemic that we are happy & proud to say originated in India. It’s the Indian CEO  Virus… No vaccine against it. 😊”

In a November 2020 interview Twitter’s Agrawal said that allowing free speech on Twitter was off less importance than the politically correct status quo:

“Our role is not to be bound by the First Amendment…focus[ing] less on thinking about free speech, but thinking about how the times have changed.”

And lo and behold, on January 2, Twitter banned Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Also banished is mRNA vaccine pioneer Robert W. Malone. In other words, the canceling and shadow-banning of political untouchables on Twitter has intensified under Agrawal’s leadership.

The fact is that, on net, the political impact of Indian immigration has been negative, as their own publications admit.

But online censorship is just one aspect of the growing threat. American jobs are under attack as well.

Worst of all, Microsoft, under Indian CEO Satya Nadella,filed over 3,000 (3,089) permanent visa applications and nearly 12,000 (11,763) H1-B visa applications for over 49,000 (49,065) workers in 2021 alone. 

That was at the height of what was called a global pandemic. When most Americans struggled to even keep their existing jobs, Indian CEOs were hard at work importing a new working class.

And Indians are flooding the country’s political system, as Joe Biden said himself: 

“Indian-of-descent Americans [sic] are taking over the country.”

Indeed, Biden has packed Washington with Indian appointees.

Read the full story by Eugene Gant here.

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