"You Wouldn't Be Complaining If They Were Swedish"
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Swedish Bikini Team  Team With FlagThat's what we keep hearing from our critics, who are implying some irrational hatred of Mexicans at VDARE.COM.

Well, I suppose Swedes are OK, especially if they're sober, and not too left-wing. But the fact that Swedes are OK is what makes Sweden a fairly nice place to live, so they stay home.

I'd also like to point out that while Mexican illegals enter the US by trudging across the desert, and wading the Rio Grande, and thus are easy to stop.

Swedes who generally enter legally anyway, seem to be trained in hanggliding, jet-ski wave jumping and skydiving, and scubadiving.

At least, that's what the girls at the new Swedish Bikini Team website say are their hobbies, which, along with a passion for martial arts and marksmanship makes keeping them out much more difficult. (Although I'm sure the Navy could have fun trying.)

So we might have a different attitude if all those illegals were Swedish, but fortunately the question doesn't arise.

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