You Heard It Here First—NATIONAL REVIEW Follows, Confronting Need For Impeachment
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On July 6 of this year, Peter Brimelow wrote,
Various Ruling Class pooh bahs have been lamenting recently that America is ungovernable, i.e. won’t do what they want—for example, Time Bomb| 238 years after its first birthday, America is in deep denial, by Jedidiah Purdy, Politico Magazine, July 3, 2013. This is exaggerated on its own terms, but there is no doubt that an irrepressible conflict is developing—between the historic American nation and what I have called “Anti-America,” the coalition of minorities, many recently imported by immigration policy, and Leftists, many of them the descendants of the 1880-1924 Great Wave of immigration.

As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew.” What is happening on America’s southern border is not a “humanitarian crisis”—it is a scandal. It calls for outrage—and impeachment.

Today, in response to Barack Obama's proposed executive amnesty, Andrew McCarthy wrote,
The nation overwhelmingly objects to Obama’s immigration lawlessness, but it has no stomach for the only effective counter to it — the plausible threat of 4101u1KDOPL[1]impeachment...I acknowledge in Faithless Execution that to refrain from invoking impeachment as the credible threat the Framers intended it to be is a rational political choice. My point is that it is a choice fraught with consequences. We have to face those consequences. We don’t get to avoid them by being reasonable, moderate people who recoil from the I-word. Nor, in the matter of illegal immigration, is there any funding cut or loopy congressional lawsuit that can dissuade this president. There is either a credible threat of impeachment or a transformational mass-amnesty. That’s it.  [Amnesty and Impeachment November 8, 2014]
McCarthy's book, Faithless Execution, is specifically about building the case for Obama's impeachment.

Of course, some (losing) Republican candidates specifically refused to consider impeachment during the campaign and we can assume many more Republicans just don't want to talk about it.  But if the GOP won't impeach Obama over openly endorsing lawlessness and the demographic dispossession of Americans, what's the point of their shiny new majority?  What's the point of caring about them at all?

Not for the first time, the "mainstream" is following where we led.  The conflict is irrepressible, and the hour of decision will soon be upon us.

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