Yes, Marco Rubio Definitely GOP Leadership's Point Man For Hispandering
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Rubio degenerates into Spanish around 1-38
Yesterday I posted Hispandering Alert! Rubio Designated GOP DREAM Act Flip-Flop Leader?

Today Larry Auster has produced proof that Rubio has indeed been designated Hispandering Point Man. Given the plum role of addressing the media outside the Supreme Court on the Obamacare case, a correspondent told Auster

...when Rubio finished in English, he immediately repeated it in Spanish. It floored me. Who in the hell is a standing United States senator speaking Spanish to?...No one even blinked.


There is no point trying to improve on Larry Auster in invective mode. He responded

I'm staggered. A U.S. senator giving a statement on national policy in the nation's capital, and then immediately giving the same statement in Spanish, as though this were bi-lingual Canada, where politicians make all their public statements in both English and French.

This totally alters my view of Rubio. It doesn't matter if he's good on some things. He stands for the Hispanicization of the United States. He stands for the idea that Spanish is a public language of this country, a language in which our politics is conducted along with English… A Republican party that nominates this man for national office has lost any claim to be standing for America.

Obviously the GOP Congressional leadership chose Rubio for this high profile speaking slot – and very probably encouraged him to speak Spanish. He has previously been cautious about demonstrating ethnic particularism.

So what do Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum have to say about this? After all, they claim to support Official English.

Three years ago, discussing the (very considerablepolitical potential of Official English, Editor Peter Brimelow concluded that liberal objections stemmed from

The real issue: the left is instinctively opposed to any measure that might strengthen the unity and coherence of the American nation. That's why they're part of the Treason Lobby.

Apparently that goes for the Congressional Republican leadership too.

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