"Yellow Privilege" On The March
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The quantitative blogger Audacious Epigone has a good post up commenting on the "Statistical Portrait of Hispanics in the United States, 2012" that came out from Pew Research a couple of weeks ago.

The Pew report actually includes all races for comparison, with non-Hispanic whites broken out separately.

One thing that jumps out from the numbers, says Audacious, is yellow privilege:

To refer to America's Hispanic immigrant population as "peasants" or "peons", as if either term is an apt characterization to use in describing the lot of them, is grossly unfair. Heck, only half of those aged 25 and older lack a high school education!

Parenthetically, a college degree is to an Asian what a high school degree is to a Hispanic. Yellow privilege #2.  [More whites on food stamps than blacks and Hispanics combined! by "Audacious Epigone," May 25.]

Audacious takes his title from the Pew table showing food stamp usage.  Whites have now inched past blacks-plus-Hispanics to 47.9 percent of food stamp recipients versus 46.3 percent.

You'll be hearing those numbers a lot from gleeful anti-white spokescritters.  You won't hear so much the actual percentages of each group on food stamps:  Hispanic 23.4 percent, non-Hispanic white 9.3 percent, black 29.1 percent.

Among Asians (although like the feds, Pew does not distinguish Japanese from Pakistani) food stamp usage is only 7.6 percent.  Yellow privilege again!

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