Wouldn't It Be More Moral for America to Brain-Drain Norway More and Haiti Less?
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Here is a graph of countries with ratios of high skilled emigrants to total emigrants created by somebody calling himself Jonatan P from German Institute for Employment Research data. Haiti is third from the top behind Barbados and Antigua.

This helps explain why Haitian diaspora communities have a fairly decent reputation while Haiti itself is remarkably backward.

I’m not sure if I would consider this a measure of Brain Drain per se in absolute terms, since that would also depend upon the size of the outflow. For example, I’ve heard that Guyana in northern South America might be the hardest hit by brain drain to America simply because such a huge fraction of Guyanese have moved to America.

I’d prefer to see a graph of emigration by high skilled emigrants as a percentage of total high skilled population in the country. I’m sure Haiti would rank high on that list as well. It would seem like the morally appropriate thing for American immigration policy to do would be to focus on importing fewer high skilled Haitians and more high skilled Norwegians. With Norway number one on the UN’s Human Development Index, the Norwegians can certainly afford to lose more of their skilled people to immigration to America than the Haitians can afford.

Another idea:

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