Words of Warning
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The new Attorney General Michael Mukasey spoke at San Francisco's Commonwealth Club recently and had some serious remarks about the danger facing the country.
In Michael Mukasey, President Bush finally seems to have an Attorney General worthy of the current moment. In Nancy Pelosi's hometown this week, the former judge who once tried terror cases told the Commonwealth Club audience that even he had no idea of the extent of the threat.

Speaking of what he hears in his national security briefings, Mr. Mukasey said, "It is way beyond — way beyond anything that I knew or believed. So, if I was picked for the level of my knowledge . . . that was a massive piece of false advertising." [...]

The AG also addressed why immunity from lawsuits is vital for the telecom companies that cooperated with the surveillance after 9/11. "Forget the liability" the phone companies face, Mr. Mukasey said. "We face the prospect of disclosure in open court of what they did, which is to say the means and the methods by which we collect foreign intelligence against foreign targets." Al Qaeda would love that. The cynics will call this "fear-mongering," but most Americans will want to make sure we don't miss the next terror call. [One Missed Call, Wall Street Journal, March 29, 2008]

For another chilling warning about the terrorist threat, see the 5-minute Youtube clip of former Speaker Gingrich answering a question about the future struggle against Islam: Newt Gingrich on Islamic Terrorism. He is "deeply worried" that his young grandchildren face a more dangerous future than boomers did during the Cold War. He believes it is quite likely that America will lose a city to nuclear terrorism if the war against jihad is not won. Here's a quote from that clip:
"Tony Blair said it very well. The people who did the London subway bombings spoke English, were British citizens, lived in British housing and had jobs. And had decided because of their relationships that they were engaged in a war against the very country that had given them freedom, prosperity and safety."

The bombers in the July 2005 attacks were the children of immigrants, who grew up in British communities and did not assimilate to western values, but instead became enemies of their neighbors.

Some cultures are simply incompatible. The West and Islam can never live together because Muslims despise our society and the hard-won liberties we treasure: free speech, representative government under law, individual rights and gender equality. Continuing to welcome them as immigrants is madness—a kumbaya fantasy that severely endangers our safety.

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