Tancredo Confronts Heckler on Sharia (Islamic Law)
November 19, 2007, 03:00 AM
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Recently Presidential candidate Tom Tancredo reminded America in Churchillian fashion of the still active threat from Islamists to destroy Western civilization. For Tancredo`s trouble, his ad was called "fear mongering" and worse.

Did these critics sleep through 9/11? Did they not notice the follow-up attacks in London, Madrid, Beslan, Indonesia and many other places?

Osama would love to kill millions of Americans — he has said so. We should be listening to the stated goals of our enemies, and supporting elected officials who keep their eye on those unpleasant facts.

In a more direct confrontation with an enemy of America during a campaign Q&A in New Hampshire, Tancredo did not take any guff from an civilization-hating Islamist.

"I speak the same language as the people that flew into the towers; I speak the same language as all the Iraqis we are killing; I speak many languages, and I`m proud of it," said Siham Elhamoumi, 22, who recently graduated from St. Michael`s College in Vermont and traveled to the event with a group from the college. "Am I the enemy?" Elhamoumi then pulled her shawl over her head, so it covered her hair. "Am I the enemy if I do this?"

"Do you take us for idiots, for people who have no appreciation of our history?" she asked. "Perhaps you don`t have an understanding of your country right now, of its composition."

Tancredo repeatedly broke in, asking Elhamoumi to pose a question. He finally asked her a question of his own: "Do you believe that we should replace the Constitution with Sharia law?"

"That is below me," Elhamoumi replied. "Do not belittle people`s opinions and people`s beliefs and people`s religions. Do not put one religion above the other." [Tancredo wants one tongue Concord Monitor 11/18/07]

The correct response from any normal person would have been, "Of course not." But the heckler outed herself with her non-reply as a pro-jihad snake.

Further, when she said "our" history, she was obviously referring to Islam, not America. She is here to conquer and colonize as part of the Islamist movement for a worldwide authoritarian caliphate, not assimilate to American values.