Radio Derb Transcript Up Early: Election Results, The Counting Mess, And "The People Who Matter", Etc.
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NOTE: We usually wait until Wednesday to post the transcript, but as a public service, we're posting it now.

The Radio Derb transcript is up for November 6. Go here to read or listen.

00m53s  Election results.  (Probabilities and possibilities.)

04m20s  Counting the votes.  (More approximate than usual.)

08m21s  Bring on the math geeks!  (Do vote counts follow Benford's Law?)

12m09s  The people who matter.  (It's gentry progressives all the way down.)

21m56s  How to fix the vote-counting mess.  (If you want to.)

26m57s  The Viennese spirit.  (Desperate but not serious.)

32m19s  Sean Connery, RIP.  (The Boomers' Bond.)

33m32s  Bond movie No. 27.  (With a black female 007.)

35m53s  Celebrity murder of the week.  (Death of the Sausage Tsar.)

37m22s  Signoff.  (With bells.)

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