Winsome Sears Vs. Haya Ayala: BOTH Parties Ran Immigrant Women Of Color For Lt. Governor Of Virginia
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Winsome Sears, Republican ex-Marine, is the victorious GOP candidate for lieutenant governor of Virginia. She's an immigrant from Jamaica.

Eric Sievers wrote

The Virginia GOP is happy to report that this year’s slate of candidates is the most diverse ever, with black woman Winsome Sears winning the race for Lieutenant Governor. She is a Trump supporter and also campaigned against CRT (see below).

As you can see, she's not a very moderate Republican—and good for her, both black and female Republicans tend to be deviationists on gun rights. She also boasts on her website of being  elected to

a majority Black legislative district! No other Republican has done that in Virginia since 1865: She consequently also became the first (and still only) Black Republican woman elected to the House, the first female veteran, and the first legal immigrant woman.

While she is the first "woman of color", so is her Democratic opponent who congratulated her.

Winsome Sears will become Virginia lieutenant governor, CNN projects, becoming first female and woman of color in the office

By Chandelis Duster, CNN, Wed November 3, 2021

(CNN)Winsome Sears, a conservative Republican, will be Virginia's next lieutenant governor, breaking barriers as the first female and the first woman of color in the office in the commonwealth's 400-year legislative history.

CNN projected Sears' win over Democrat Del. Hala Ayala, also a woman of color, on Wednesday.

Sears will serve alongside Republican Glenn Youngkin, whom CNN projected would win the Virginia gubernatorial race.

Ayala congratulated Sears on making history and "paving the way for future women leaders who look like us."

"We may not be able to claim victory today, but we know that the results of this election are simply a minor setback in our larger fight for progress," Ayala said in a statement Wednesday thanking her supporters. [More]

Voters in Virginia actually didn't have a choice about electing a woman of color on November 2, because the Democrats were running one too:

At a time of historic change, Virginia will elect a woman of color for the first time as lieutenant governor

By Chandelis Duster, CNN, October 28, 2021

Sears is black, but not African-American. Hala Ayala is "of color" but not black. (And not exactly an immigrant, either: she was born in the District of Columbia to parents a father was "was an immigrant from El Salvador,  and also has North African roots and a mother who was Irish and Lebanese [In a changing Virginia suburb, a slate of diverse Democrats hopes to show path back to power, by Fenit Nirappil, Washington Post, September 28, 2017])

So not only is neither of them is a member of the Historic American Nation, Ayala isn't even a member of the Historic Salvadoran Nation. In spite of having neither Spanish nor South American Indian blood, she was running as a Latina:

So here's a thing: while electing a minority gives some cuckservative Republicans bragging rights on Twitter, why couldn't the GOP, the Generic American Party that's going to be called racist anyway, try nominating an actual Virginian, possibly even a white Virgnian for the Lt. Governor slot?

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