Will Wonders Never Cease? Trump Gets NYT to Editorialize Against Immigration
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From the NYT editorial page:

The Kushners and Their Golden Visas

The president’s in-laws promise Chinese investors green cards. The real scandal is that it’s legal.


MAY 8, 2017

The Kushner family has been caught in a shameless act of name-dropping. It has been highlighting its White House connections to entice wealthy Chinese investors and promising them green cards in return under a special government visa program. That’s pretty bad. But it’s also a scandal that Congress allows real estate developers to use the American immigration system to pad their profits.

It’s almost as if the press has gotten back to work after its 8 year sabbatical puttering around as Obama Administration PR interns.

By the way, I’m not wholly against the EB-5 investment visa program on principle, but I think $500,000 is about two orders of magnitude too cheap. I think $500k would be too little even if it were paid directly to the U.S. Treasury.

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