Will Obama Checkmate McCain By Calling On Him To Pledge A "Bipartisan" Amnesty?
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It's obvious from our email that a lot of people desperately want a reason to vote against Barack Obama - as Ryan Kennedy put it: "Sarah Barracuda. All our hopes rest on thee."

But Obama and the Democrats can easily break this momentum. All Obama has to do is ask John McCain (who, despite appearances, is still the GOP presidential nominee) to pledge, in the spirit of "bipartisanship" he was going on about Thursday night, that they will both work together for amnesty in the next Congress, regardless of which of them goes to the White House and which of them remains in the U.S. Senate.

McCain would be really stuck. He can't refuse because (a) he really wants an amnesty and was fanatically committed to the Kennedy-Bush version; (b) he actually believes all this innumerate nonsense about the Hispanic vote.

But he can't agree because that will utterly dispel the delusions of his desperate base.


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