Bay Buchanan Brutality: The Inside Story
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Pat Buchanan briefly mentioned a run in his sister Bay had with the St Paul police on Scarborough Country, and it has generated a good deal of interest around the convention, but I have yet to see it pop up in the blogosphere. Here is the exclusive and inside story of what happened.

Many of the streets surrounding the XCel center in St Paul are blocked off to those who are not attending the convention. On Tuesday morning, Bay did not yet have her credentials and was going to meet Pat Buchanan who was on the opposite side of the Xcel center, which she could not cut through. After walking aimlessly trying to find a way to get through, a police officer told her to go through the a road by the River.

When she got there, she was talking on the cell phone and a police horse ran into her. Thinking she had absent mindedly bumped into it, she was about to aIpologize when the police officer screamed ”Move” and bucked the horse at her. She tried to explain that she was told to take that road ant ask where she could walk, the officer bucked the horse into her again and screamed for her to get out of the way again.

A number of peaceful protesters witnessed it, and some took pictures (which I hope will surface) and were immediately sympathetic, though they may have lost it when they found out who she was.

Sam Francis used the word Anarcho-Tyranny to explain the state where the government does nothing to punish criminals, while engages in brute force against law abiding citizens. Calling this a case of anarcho-tyrrany may be extreme as the police used plenty of force against the violent protestors as well.

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