Will Conservatives Ever Take The Next Logical Step?
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Peter Bradley writes
Mark Davis is a conservative columnist and talk radio host based in Dallas. He was guest host for Rush Limbaugh today and spent most of the three hours defending Tea Partiers from the lies Peter Brimelow mentions in his article today.

Davis also wrote a Dallas Morning News column which he read on air that gets to the heart of his argument that the Tea Partiers are not racists. He writes:

”Don't take my word that the Tea Party critics are full of it. Come to QuikTrip Park on April 15. You will find people looking for leaders who will reduce spending, reduce taxes and obey the Constitution. And they don't care what color those leaders are. If the crowd is overwhelmingly white, it's not because the Tea Party has a problem with people of color. It's because so many people of color have a problem with limited government.”[Mark Davis: The dubious logic linking Tea Parties to racism]
Judging by the deft way he handled a few hostile callers, Davis is a smart guy. He must know the implications of ”so many people of color have a problem with limited government.” Yet he just leaves this statement there as if it means nothing. Not only that, but he still takes the typical conservative stance of: legal immigration, good—illegal immigration, bad.

I suppose Davis would defend his pro-legal immigration views in light of his statement by saying, ”Well, we conservatives need to do a better job of explaining our pro-family, pro-freedom, pro-America, blah, blah, blah, platform.”

For the last 20 years I have been reading about how blacks are against gay marriage, Hispanics are pro-life, Asians are pro-business and Muslims are pro-family. So, of course, they are natural Republicans!

But, if anything, these groups are less and less likely to vote Republican or respond positively to conservative ideas. The pallor of the Tea Party movement only confirms this.

Mark Davis is 100% correct. In general, ”people of color” do not like limited government. But unless he and his fellow Tea Partiers and conservatives take a stand—and very soon—against both legal and illegal immigration—they will find that core conservative issues like low taxes and less government will be lost forever.

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