Why We Won't See Lou Barletta On The MSM Anytime Soon
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As I noted in If Lou Barletta Opposes Lamar Smith's E-Verify Bill, Then So Do I the resuscitated Lou Dobbs rather short-sightedly shelters most of his interviews behind a subscription wall. However an audio version has just drifted in of his interview with Congressman Lou Dobbs about the Supreme Court's rescue of the Hazleton ordinances from murder by a Treason Lobby Federal Judge. It is here. Two points occurred to me listening to it. 

  • Lou Barletta is a poised and articulate spokesman for the patriotic immigration cause. Consequently VDARE.com readers should not hold their breath waiting to see him on any of the major MSM shows any time soon. He is too good.
  •  Lou Dobbs was curiously emotional, and strangely anxious to interpret the Supreme Court ruling as a sweeping and conclusive victory which Barletta, wisely, did not. Dobbs directly referred (3:28) to the pressures

"that were on me as well as others"

to prevent coverage of Barletta's courageous stand. It is clear that, as suspected, his eviction from CNN after 30 years was to shut down his immigration coverage and that it hurt him personally - hence perhaps his subsequent wavering.

Patriotism has a high price.

Barletta fluently recounted the ICE malfeasance outrage also discussed in Good Question! Lou Barletta: Why Don't We Deport Every Single Illegal Alien Caught By Any Law Enforcement Officer In The Country? Here is a video account of the incident (and first, another similar one):

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