Why Not Include This Sensible New Israeli Measure In Gang Bill?
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Africans lining up for free food in Israel

"Infiltrators" collecting food in Tel Aviv - H/T Haaretz

The Israelis did it: Knesset Approves Law Barring Illegals from Sending Funds Abroad By Elad Benari Arutz Sheva 6/4/2013

The bill that was approved states that an illegal infiltrator will only be allowed to send funds out of the country that do not exceed twice the minimum wage which he had earned during his stay in Israel…

A second bill which was passed is a follow-up to the first bill, and it stipulates that the prohibition on assisting an infiltrator in withdrawing funds from the country would be an offense under the Money Laundering Law.

When you think about it – which VDARE.com did – interdicting the ability to send money abroad is a very effective and obvious way of discouraging illegal economic migrants.

I discussed the background to this proposal last July in Israel To Block Illegal Immigrant Remittances: Why Doesn't America?

There are said to be 5.93 million Jews in Israel and some 227.73 million whites in America – 38.4 times more. This means the illegal immigrant flow threatening the two communities are of the same order of magnitude…

This raises again the question I asked last month U.S. Amnesties Illegals, Israel Deports. Why The Difference?

The Aretz Shuva article reported

Miri Regev (Likud), chair of the Knesset’s Interior Affairs Committee, who introduced both bills before they were voted upon, said, “Unfortunately, for years the State did not properly address the issue of the infiltrators, and the Prime Minister did the right thing when he allocated funds to build the border fence…Human rights do not apply only to infiltrators, what about the human rights of those who live here? We as a country have a responsibility for our citizens. Charity begins at home and our job is to worry about the public interest.”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said after the law was approved, "We have blocked the phenomenon of infiltration into Israel. Last month only two infiltrators crossed the border, as opposed to over 2,000 one year ago. Now we are focusing on the infiltrators' departure from Israel."

VDARE.com emphasis - and applause.

Doubtless the new owner of GOP Establishment immigration policy, Sheldon Adelson, fresh from his enthusiasm for border fences, will be pressing to see this sensible measure included in the Gang Bill, for the same reasons.

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