Why Is UC Irvine Only 15% White?
August 25, 2017, 07:29 AM
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Because that’s The Plan!

The University of California, Irvine opened in 1965 about three miles from the beach in Orange County. The architecture by popular L.A. sci-fi brutalist architect William Pereira was sci-fi brutalist (it starred as a monkey prison in a 1972 Planet of the Apes sequel), but the climate is benign so lavish landscaping soon helped hide the buildings. The college flourished by attracting professors who wanted to live near the beach.

Strikingly, UCI soon became predominantly Asian in enrollment. It was known as the University of Chinese Immigrants and the University of Civics and Integras in the 1990s after all the rice rocket compact sports cars driven by the student body.

Prosperous conservative Republican strongholds like Orange County tend to become immigrant-dominated over time, with the luckier ones becoming Asian rather than Hispanic.

UCI, however, has fallen from 61% Asian in 2009 to 41% by 2015 as Hispanic enrollment shot up. Why? Because that was part of UCI’s master plan. From EducationDive:

UC-Irvine brings intentionality to its designation as a Hispanic-Serving Institution
Translated from Ed-Speak, I think that means it wasn’t an accident.
The university built becoming an HSI into its strategic plan, and its aim is to help Latino students thrive

Tara García Mathewson @TaraGarciaM July 5, 2017

The University of California, Irvine is among the latest to earn the “Hispanic-Serving Institution” designation, joining a fast-growing group of U.S. higher education institutions that educate a student body that is at least 25% Hispanic.

And while many colleges and universities become HSIs by accident — simply by virtue of changing demographics — UC-Irvine’s goal of becoming an HSI has been a clear part of its strategic plan. The number of Latino students on UCI’s campus has more than doubled in the last decade, thanks to targeted recruitment efforts and pipeline building. …

Alternatively, Asians are abandoning UCI because Mexican-Americans have so little glamor.

Anyway, isn’t this Master Plan illegal under California’s Proposition 209?

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