Why Is Boehner Bending? Think $heldon Adelson And ADD!
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Sheldon Adelson:  I am the Gra$$root$!

As I write this it seems likely that Speaker Boehner will break the Hastert Rule and allow the Senate GOP’s Debt ceiling capitulation to be voted through even without a House Republican majority. In this he will be acceding to the GOP Establishment’s wish that opposition to Obamacare be purely a fraudulent charade.

Why is this happening when hostility to Obamacare was powerful enough to help the GOP to win control of the House in 2010 and even gave Scott Brown an amazing Senate victory in Massachusetts? And as the actual disasters and injustices of this atrocity are daily news?

The answer to this I believe lies in the crucially important pair of audiences Sheldon Adelson granted to The Wall Street Journal after the election last year, particularly Sheldon Adelson: ‘I’m Basically a Social Liberal’ By Alicia Mundy Decemeber 5, 2012

Finally, he said casually: “And by the way I’m in favor of a socialized-like health care.”

The Mega-rich and indeed the ultra-upper class have no health care worries themselves. The issue is not important to them. Indeed, the fact that Obamacare is Racial Socialism, basically plundering industrious whites for the benefit of economically incompetent Blacks and Hispanics, may actually please them given their prejudices.

As we saw over Syria the Republican Leadership has ADD. It shows in everything they do. 

They all need to be thrown out.

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