Why Did the Black Vote Not Save Hillary?
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Hillary took some big steps to get Black Lives Matter mojo on her side in order to turn out black voters, like putting the mother of failed cop-killer Michael Brown on the stage of the Democratic Nation Convention. But she wound up losing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Just maybe, though, a lot of blacks aren’t all that crazy about BLM, a movement that seems to consist of a largely homosexual elite that uses words like “intersectionality” and a base of street knuckleheads who like a little undocumented shopping. They felt racial pride in voting for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, but voting in 2016 for a white lady who expects them to vote out of solidarity with BLM … well, that just wasn’t #1 on their to-do lists.

I wrote in VDARE on November 10, 2014 after the big GOP wins in the midterms:

Core Vs. Fringe, Cont’d: Media Starts To Catch Up On Sailer Strategy

… The lack of black enthusiasm for voting after the Democrats’ Ferguson Campaign speaks well for African-Americans’ sense of self-respect. They turned up in vast numbers two years ago to vote for Obama, who, for all his flaws, is at least a respectable credit to his race. This year, in contrast, they found the prospect of voting for Michael Brown depressing.

I suspect something similar may have happened again in 2016.

Consider Ferguson’s homestate of Missouri. In 2012, Romney won Missouri easily by 9.4 points (up from McCain’s 0.1% margin in 2008). But in 2016, two years after Ferguson, Missouri was a Republican landslide: Trump won by 19.1 points.

The Political Ferguson Effect sure didn’t seem to do Hillary much good in Missouri.

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