Why A "Majority-Minority" America Will Be A Problem for Democrats Too
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Democrats openly gloat that Electing A New People through federal immigration policy will give them a permanent majority. But here's more evidence it will get more complicated than they think: Twilight of the Voting Rights Act, by Will Oremus (Slate, March 1, 2012).

Oremus reports that Democrats are puzzled that the Obama Administration isn't challenging the redistricting plans drawn up by Republican-controlled legislatures in various states. Apparently, these Democrats speculate that the Administration fears any challenge might result in the (current) Supreme Court striking down the Voting Rights Act—which has always been constitutionally suspect.

This just shows white liberals can't think straight about race. Their complaint about the Republican plans: minority voters are piled up in a few districts, while GOP voters a.k.a. whites are spread economically across as many districts as possible. Result: a smaller number of very safe Democratic districts; a larger number of (relatively) safe Republican districts.

But Obama (and AG Eric "my people" Holder) don't care about maximizing the number of (white liberal) Democrats. They care about maximizing the number of minority, specifically black, elected officials. And overwhelmingly minority districts are the most efficient way to do that. (Steve Sailer explains the mechanism here).

As white liberals blindly continue to insist on Electing A New People, this sort of racial cleavage within the Democratic coalition will become increasingly obvious. It may well turn out that the new Democratic bosses never much liked white liberals anyway.

But white liberals deserve everything they get. Does America?

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