Who Will Have More Shootings Over The 4th Of July Weekend: Veteran Chicago Or New Contender New York?
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Above, Chicago Shooting in the last 30 days, via HeyJackass.com.

When I lived in Chicago three decades ago, the crime was bad, but, still, New York City would have 2 or 3 times more murders per year than Chicago: e.g., Chicago had 851 murders in 1990 to 2225 in NYC.

But then the Giuliani-Bloomberg years happened in New York, followed by Black Lives Matter being allowed to defeat the Chicago PD over the Laquan McDonald bad shooting. Meanwhile, BLM, after briefly winning in late 2014 over the death of the loosies guy, was crushed in New York.

So, by 2016, Chicago had 771 murders to only 335 in NYC, despite NYC’s vastly larger population.

But in 2020, both cities have been on the murder upswing. When the numbers are tallied by late Monday, which city will have the most killings or woundings over the Fourth of July weekend?

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