Who's Messing Up The Mall?
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After Glenn Beck and Tea Party rallies on the Mall in Washington, the Mall was  cleaner than when they started, because those people, uncool retrograde people like hockey moms, veterans of the Armed Forces, and inhabitants of Small Town America, didn't litter, and cleaned up after the party, including stuff that they hadn't dropped in the first place.

Not so the "One Nation" rally recently:

KNIGHT: More than a litter bit of difference
Trashy liberal ways result in trashy liberal rally

The Washington Times

Oct. 6, 2010

By Robert Knight

When you've got some dirt to deal with, you can do one of two things: You can take out the trash or sweep it under the rug. Most of us, being sinners all, use a variety of methods to get by.

Then again, if you have no shame, you can leave your trash out in public view and make it someone else's problem. That's what the marchers for the great, liberal One Nation rally on Saturday did in Washington. After a series of speeches blaming their problems on everybody else and calling for more massive government, the crowd chucked their stuff and left.

The media did their best to downplay the litterscape and also the socialist and communist activists peppering the crowd with banners, badges, books and buttons.

But the Internet poses a problem to folks accustomed to having the media clean up after them. Lots of people have cameras. So you can go to YouTube and see a wonderful 90-second array of socialist imagery from the march while listening to the Anthem of the Soviet Union. It's a great piece of music for truly awful causes. Americans for Prosperity put out this nifty video.[More]

This could purely be a cultural difference in the two groups, caused by trustafarians who aren't used to picking up after themselves, or hippies, who if asked to help "police up" an area would say "That's fascist!" However, it may also be an ethnic difference in the two groups.

We keep hearing how "blindingly" white the Tea Party is—not so the Democratic Party.

Are there ethnic differences in the a tendency to litter? Yes, there are ethnic differences in everything. And one thing we've often noticed is that immigration increases littering.

Not just on the border, where crossers shed their backpacks, water  bottles and dirty diapers. That's not littering, it's an invasion. The Allies probably littered as they invaded Normandy, although without the diapers.

No, Mexican immigrants litter more than Americans when they're in America. See Latinos Litter. Who Dares Say That? By Peter Brimelow and Memo From Mexico, By Allan Wall. Diversity Is Strength. It's Also…Litter.

This is only one ethnic variance in littering, you can probably think of more.

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