Who Are The Catcallers New York City Wants To Ban?
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When I lived in New York City (I had the distinction of, counting internships, having worked in all five boroughs), it was plain to see who the wolf-whistlers and cat-callers were: Hispanic men. It was much less often black or white males, though gropers and exposers on the subway tended to be black.

From this latest coverage, of course, you'd never know that.

NYC Considers a No Catcall Zone No lewd come-ons? That's not New York! NBC New York October 29, 2010

Who does the reporter offer as an example of a potential catcaller? A presumably Italian-American construction worker named Tony Alibrandi.

Sure, the city council might ban "catcalling." Of course, the ACLU and Maldef would swoop in immediately, asserting the First Amendment and civil rights of the catcallers (right after the NYPD mistakenly cites a Hispanic catcaller).

But such a move is yet another example of how "diversity" and quality of life don't mix.

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