Who and What is Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetero? To What Nation(s) is He Loyal?
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To my knowledge, America has never had a president who was during his term of office a citizen of more than one country. The president may only be a citizen of the U.S.A., because he would otherwise have divided loyalties.

The Rocky Mountain News previously reported, but has since retracted, that Barack Hussein Obama is a citizen both of America and of Kenya.

Does that mean we should believe the Rocky Mountain News’ original story, or its current one? Or is this a variation on what my Autonomist editor, Rocco DiPippo, calls the ”infamous Obama Media Memory Hole.” I’d like to see Obama prove he isn’t a Kenyan citizen. (What’s that, you say? You can’t prove a negative? Well, then, I’ve got him!)

Now, imagine a president who was simultaneously a citizen of three different countries. Impossible? Legally forbidden, but not impossible, to someone who flouts America’s laws.

The claims some bloggers make, such as that BHO was not born in America (e.g., Hawaii), but somewhere abroad, and that the birth certificate he has provided is a forgery, could give a fellow a headache.

But what of Barry Soetero (aka BHO)? Well, at ”Will the real Barack Obama please stand up?,” Rocco DiPippo has posted a copy of, and placed a link to an enlarged image of a birth certificate showing one ”Barry Soetero” (the name by which BHO was then legally known) to have been born in ”Honolulu,” whose religion was ”Islam,” and who was a citizen of ”Indonesia.” The certificate was filled out by Obama/Soetero’s Indonesian stepfather, Lolo Soetero in 1968.

The original image is the property of the Associated Press (registration required). (As DiPippo suggests, check it out before it ”disappear[s] down the infamous Obama Media Memory Hole.”)

Far be it from me to vouchsafe for the truth of AP properties. However, the AP is an operation that is considered by places like the New York Times, Wikipedia, and the Democratic National Committee, a ”reliable source.” And AP Boosgate hoaxmeister Tom Hays does not appear to have any involvement in this story.

If I’m not mistaken, should Obama wish to be legally elected president of these United States, he would have to prove that he has already renounced citizenship to any foreign states, or immediately renounce his citizenship, and hence allegiances to those countries, forthwith, and those nations must confirm that he is not a citizen of theirs. Conversely, if he wants to claim that the AP and everyone else is lying about him (or racist), that’s fine with me, too.

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